Trump Drops ‘Termination’ Bombshell To Judge

In a recent post on Truth Social, Donald Trump expressed frustration over a legal case, criticizing the judge involved as “crooked and conflicted.” Trump asserted that top legal analysts had recommended terminating the case long ago or never bringing it in the first place, suggesting it should have resulted in a directed verdict.



It’s pretty evident that Trump feels strongly about the perceived mishandling of the case and the conduct of the judge overseeing it.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) unleashed a scathing critique of Fox News during a Friday interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, claiming the network aims to “control what Republicans think.” Her rant extended to other Republican leaders, including House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), and criticized Fox News for allegedly ignoring her motion to vacate Johnson’s position.

Greene suggested that Fox News manipulated its coverage to maintain an “establishment Republican Party view.” She also criticized the network for firing Tucker Carlson, whom she described as “the voice of everyone.” Although Greene and Bannon claimed Fox News did not cover her motion to vacate, a Fox News spokesperson later clarified that the network had cut over twice during The Five to report on the story.

Greene’s remarks extended beyond Fox’s programming decisions. She accused the network of infuriating its viewers with a one-sided view of international conflicts, particularly the Ukraine war. She argued that Fox News promotes military intervention, blaming it for creating a narrative where Americans feel compelled to support continued fighting in Ukraine rather than advocating for peace. Additionally, she criticized Republican leaders for their inaction on border security, pointing out that they make symbolic gestures at the border but take little concrete action.

One of Greene’s more provocative statements was that Fox News would “love to murder” Tucker Carlson, suggesting the network’s desire to eliminate voices that challenge its narrative. She also claimed that Fox News attempts to control viewers’ opinions and promotes “outrage TV” to maintain its audience. She argued that the American public is becoming too intelligent for this approach and is increasingly disillusioned with the network’s style of reporting.

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