Trump Exposes Ex-Lawyer As Fraud In Court

Former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial is concluded for te week but he recently went on a lengthy rant outside the courthouse that shifted from the trial itself to his allegation that President Joe Biden lies about his golf game via Mediaite.



Trump began by talking about his former attorney Michael Cohen, who’s expected to take the stand Monday.

“There is no gag order to Michael Cohen. What the judge did was amazing, actually. It was amazing,” Trump said, apparently referring to Judge Juan Merchan’s instructions that prosecutors tell Cohen to stop publicly insulting Trump.

“Everybody can say whatever they want. They can say whatever they want, but I’m not allowed to say anything about anybody. It’s a disgrace. And you’ve seen it, the media sees it. It’s really very sad.”

Trump added, “It’s all fake, the whole case is fake. The judge is corrupt. And the only thing he gives us to make himself look a little good, he gives us nothing, and what he did just now is a joke.”

Trump then talked about stack of papers that he rifled through and occasionally held up to reporters as he complained about Biden talking about inflation under the Trump administration.

“So, he lies, and he lies about everything, including his golf game. Because he can’t hit a ball hundred yards. Lies about everything. But he came out and I saw that this, the last couple of days, he was talking about the Trump inflation. No, his inflation was 9%.”

Trump then claimed that Biden and his donors “hate Israel.”

“Biden’s donors are the ones that are against Israel. So somehow, maybe those people, Jewish people, that vote for Democrats, or vote for Biden, if they are looking at what they’re doing, the donors to Biden are against Israel. Very much and vehemently against Israel, they hate Israel. And that’s why Biden hates Israel, because he goes through those numbers and he always has. So, they ought to start thinking about that.”

Trump then reiterated his claim that he’d be “proud” to go to jail over Judge Merchan’s gag order, plugged Saturday’s rally in New Jersey, and claimed the stock market was up because he’s leading in the polls.

“And, if I didn’t win, you would have a crash like 1929. Mark my words, I’ve been right about everything.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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