Trump Prosecutor ‘Pleads The Fifth’ In Video

A new video shows a Donald Trump opponent pleading the Fifth.



Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, once an ally of Donald Trump but now a vocal critic, made headlines by suggesting that the former president is in “terrible” physical condition and greatly fears the prospect of prison.

In a conversation with Washington Post reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell, Christie recounted a 2004 dinner with Trump, during which Trump, then a private businessman, commended Christie for his work as New Jersey’s state attorney general on a high-profile corruption case involving State Senate leader John Lynch. Christie recalled Trump praising him, saying, “‘Well, great job on that John Lynch case. Amazing. You’re the best.’”

Christie then said that Trump’s comments reflected a limited understanding of the criminal justice system, pointing out that Trump asked if Lynch would be going to a “real prison.” Christie explained to Trump that Lynch was indeed going to a federal prison, after which he claimed Trump had a visceral reaction. According to Christie, Trump grabbed his arm and said, “‘Oh my God, Chris, I could never do that. I could never go to jail. They tell you when to go to bed at night and when to wake up in the morning and what to wear and what to do, who you can talk to and what you can eat. I could never do that.’”

Christie further claimed that Trump had a “really ashen look on his face” as he spoke about the reality of prison life, suggesting that Trump is deeply afraid of going to jail. Christie remarked that Trump’s daily anxiety stems from his fear of imprisonment and financial ruin, adding, “There’s two things that Donald Trump fears more than anything, going to jail or being broke.”

Whenn it comes to Trump’s physical appearance, Christie, whose own health has been the subject of public scrutiny, stated that Trump’s recent physical condition has deteriorated. “A criminal trial is a really awful thing to go through,” Christie said. “And if you look at Trump physically, right now, he looks terrible.”

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