Trump Says Governor Got Babies Killed

In a recent Truth Social post, former President Donald Trump addressed the topic of abortion and criticized claims made by Democrats and the “Fake News Media.” Trump denied allegations that some states might monitor pregnancies to prosecute women for violating abortion bans, calling such claims fabricated. He emphasized that after nearly 50 years, the decision on abortion has been returned to the states following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, a move that many legal experts and scholars supported.



Trump noted that states like Ohio and Kansas have held votes on abortion laws, and Arizona’s legislature recently voted to repeal a 19th-century law, paving the way for a new one that will be decided by the people. He asserted that this process should remain at the state level, with the expectation that it will not return to federal jurisdiction, ultimately leading to a unification of the country on this divisive issue.

Additionally, Trump mentioned that while the states are responsible for shaping their abortion laws, there’s a common consensus that late-term abortions, such as in the 7th, 8th, or 9th months, or “execution after birth,” should not be permitted. He referenced statements made by the former Democratic governor of Virginia regarding post-birth execution as an example of extreme positions. Trump urged people to use common sense while addressing the abortion debate, reminding politicians that they must consider the will of the voters as they navigate this complex issue.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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