Trump ‘Secret Recordings’ Revealed In Court

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the possibility that Michael Cohen is intentionally undermining the case against Donald Trump. If not, then his actions could only be described as grossly incompetent.



The situation has reached a point where it’s almost farcical. Even Alvin Bragg, nicknamed “Fat Alvin” by some, appears to have made a colossal misstep by introducing a tape into evidence that arguably supports Trump’s innocence.

The tape in question reveals Trump’s apparent confusion regarding Cohen’s plans, indicating that it was Cohen who devised the strategy and briefed Trump on it. It’s a self-inflicted wound for the prosecution, and Bragg’s decision to present it is baffling.

Adding to the intrigue is the recent revelation that Cohen allegedly took out a home equity line of credit (HELOC) on his own property to pay off Stormy Daniels. This raises serious questions about the entire narrative. Could it be that Cohen, not Trump, had the affair with Daniels and sought to cover it up?

The pieces of the puzzle seem to align more convincingly around Cohen as the central figure in this saga. His decision to use a HELOC, purportedly to keep the transaction discreet, only raises further doubts. The explanation that it was to avoid detection by his wife falls apart under scrutiny, as it would have left a public record of the transaction.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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