Trump VP Candidate Accused Of Trying To Kill Biden’s…

CNN host Gov. Kristen Noem (R-SD), a potential Trump vice presidential candidate, recently made a request for the death of President Joe Biden’s dog in an attempt to address her reputation as a puppy murderer. Kasie Hunt and her morning team were appalled by this move via Mediaite.



It has been noted that the Gov. has decided to address the outcry and ridicule caused by an incident in Noem’s book about killing a puppy by focusing on Commander Biden, the rescue dog who was placed in a new home after Secret Service agents kept getting attacked.

On Monday morning’s edition of CNN This Morning, laughter erupted frequently as Hunt and her panel of commentators discussed Noem’s shocking strategy to try and turn the tables against Biden’s dog:



Okay, I mean, I get the tactic, right? We’re used to seeing conservatives deflect and make it about Biden, but it’s like, sister, you shot your dog and I think a goat or something? She was also it’s like, no.

And by the way, the fact that this made it into her memoir, let’s write it. So there was a, you know, there was a draft that went to an editor that went through lots of other processes, and it still stayed in the book. No.

Did nobody go to her and say, yeah, let’s not put this dog-killing piece in there?

AYESHA RASCOE: Well, I never thought that you’d see the day where someone who, like, wants to be VP clearly is like running on killing puppies. Like it’s just like a very, we are killing dogs! Like, it’s just– that is not as American as apple pie. Like that is–.


KASIE HUNT: (inaudible) talking about an affair.

KAREN FINNEY: All right.

MATT GORMAN: I mean, it’s rare. I was out here last Monday. We were talking about it then. It’s rare to have the story carry over a week. We’re still talking about the darn dog.

But, I mean, it’s, it’s kind of Karen’s point, like, you know, Karen and I. Are you still, like, cleaning up kind of what, your boss or something off the cuff, you know? And it’s been. This is something that’s been planned. Like, you wrote multiple drafts of this.

KASIE HUNT: And she also wrote this, which I hadn’t, hadn’t. See. So this is also in the book, right. So this is why she was asked about this. She writes in the book, quote, “What would I do if I was president on the first day in office in 2025? Thanks for asking. I happen to have a list. The first thing–.”.

Okay, so this is like she’s president of the United States. Okay. Well, if she could do anything she wants. But first thing is make sure Joe Biden’s dog was nowhere on the grounds, and then she writes, “Commander, say hello to cricket for me.”.

End quote.

KAREN FINNEY: Yeah. So we.

KASIE HUNT: Cricket again is the dog that she took out back and shot!

KAREN FINNEY: 100% and and so she’s more focused on how do I make this about Joe Biden than acknowledging maybe killing a puppy is not something, like you said, not something to run on.

AYESHA RASCOE: Well, Trump doesn’t like dogs, so I think maybe, you know, he likes to say you went down like a dog or this like a dog and all this stuff. So maybe she–. This is clearly her. I think she wanted to sound tough and like I’m a yes, I’m a woman, but I will do those hard things. I’ll be the enforcer.

KASIE HUNT: But she did not accept that if that was what was going on. I mean, the Trump team has clearly been very put. They don’t want anything to do with that anymore!

AYESHA RASCOE: So I think it didn’t work. I think she should have ran it past them first. And I mean, I don’t think Trump likes this type of bad, this type of bad press.

KASIE HUNT: I think I think I’m going to have to start collecting everyone’s dog photos so that when we wrap up the segments instead of talking about tragedies. We’re like enjoying our own canine friends.

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