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3MB to Give Address on RAW, Updated Poster for The Rock’s Pain & Gain

– Below is the updated poster for Pain and Gain featuring The Rock. The movie will hit theaters on April 26th, 2013:

the rock pain gain

– Drew McIntyre says he, Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal will be giving 3MB’s State of WWE Address on this coming Monday’s RAW. WWE teased this weekend that 3MB may interact with The Muppets, who will be the Social Media Ambassadors this week.

McIntyre posted the following on Twitter Saturday night:

“We at 3MB would like to take a moment to let everybody know that we can appreciate all the greatest artists had critics but never acknowledged anyone or let it slow them down as they only seen the bigger picture. The enlightened already know. You can love us or hate us we couldn’t give a damn either way because we are fighting for the whole universe…for all of you!!! musically and in ring, we are changing the world one song and one beating at a time. True we like to have fun but when that bell rings or the red light goes on in the studio we are all business. We are simple men and being disrespected at shows with a locker room the size of a closet is not showing talent like us the proper respect. Then we see our fellow ‘talent’ on their I pads, playing angry birds…..something is wrong around here and this Monday we will be conducting our 3MB state of the WWE address….for all of you!!! #3MB #3MBandwagon”

  • Cropsy

    3mb vs electric mayhem WM29

  • or they will see sexual chocolate and naked mae young.

  • mid-card stable addresses only work when the stable is new names or names from other companies. wwe universe knows these jobbers were buried long ago and when they get embarrassed by the muppets it will reinforce why i never admit watching wrestling.

    Wrestling has a lot of poo – like this, and if you tell your friends you watch or suggest they do, they will see this, angle playing a banjo, katie vick or billy and chuck.

    Hopefully this jobber stable can stay on the roster in some capacity until they get better – otherwise they will go to TNA and win all the titles on their first ppv.

  • cenaWWE

    i will be changing the channel for that shit!