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New Additions To SmackDown Roster, Steve Austin Comments On Tough Enough 2

— has added newcomers Jinder Mahal and Johnny Curtis to the SmackDown roster page.

Mahal beat Yoshi Tatsu in his SmackDown debut last night with a full nelson, suplex slam. He then instructed The Great Khali to manhandle Tatsu with the Khali Vise Grip.

Curtis appeared in peculiar backstage segment on SmackDown. After being declared the winner of WWE NXT season four, Curtis was promised a WWE Tag Team Championship Match with his Pro, R-Truth.

“But that’s not gonna happen,” Curtis chuckled. “And that’s the truth.” He then proceeded to do what any other WWE Superstar would do; cry over spilled milk.

— On Twitter, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin commented on the possibility of a second season of Tough Enough.

He wrote, “I have had many questions regarding a season 2 of Tough Enough…no word yet. Very interesting…”

The WWE Hall of Famer also stated last Monday during an interview with AfterBuzz TV that he does not know whether there will be a second season.


    @jay EZ, i understand where your coming from but i have to disagree,
    in order to be a wwe superstar you have to have passion, strength and ability, and if you have people with no training and expect to fly threw the competition, its not gonna happen, martin, christina and ivelisse were the three to get injured, christina injured ivelisese with a bad bump, aj didnt catch christina properly and martin tweakrd his knee walking out of the ring, so my point is the girls got injured because of bad timing and ability and martin hurt himself by accident so obviously the girls wernt trained properly because if your in a wwe ring competing to be a superstar, should have more ecoerience then to make a stupid mistake like they did

  • CC

    I’m a bit puzzled as to how Jay EZ can say that their were too many injuries this year, and that they were down to the trainers pushing them too hard.
    There were three injuries, which is hardly a lot, and in each of those cases it wasnt something hard that caused the injuries.
    The first one was caused by a fuck up of a basic move from someone who wouldnt even be in the ring if it wasnt for who her siser is. The second one was caused by Martin standing up wrong, not even an accident. And the third one was once again caused by inexperience again. Yeah, maybe AJ was a bit too close, but Christina just did not deserve to be in the ring.

  • Evil Doink

    I think another season of Tough Enough would be great. I agree that Bill Demott is getting huge, but I think they should keep Demott and shuffle the rest of the deck of trainers so we get a new host every season.

    For the next season, I think the host should be either Goldberg or Mick Foley, and the trainers should be Bill Demott, Michelle McCool, and ______ ?

  • venom

    Christian is Edge’s brother, not Alica’s sister.

  • adam tarasievich

    Rima wont if she was going to get one she would of buy now. If she does all seh will be used for is a host of nxt or a manager for someone she wont wrestle. Jermiah martin luke and andy all of some serious skill jermiah is a little green but they should all be pretty good. Christian i would say she would get future endavored the fastest but then again she is alicia fox sister so who knows.

  • JIR

    I think at least the following TE contestants will get contracts
    Andy, Luke, Martin, Jeremiah, Rima, Christina yes that’s right HALF of them will get contracts and be future endeavored within months

  • adam tarasievich

    They cant get al snow he works for tna. I likked this season i hlope they bring it back. I think andy is going to win this season but they are both going to get contracts.

  • venom

    Shouldn’t Bill DeMott get in shape before getting other people in shape. DeMott is getting close to being the next Brian Knobbs. Then again, nobody can get as low as him.

  • Jay EZ

    If I wanted to be a wrestler I would say hell no to Tough Enough, but would be more than happy to work at FCW.

  • Jay EZ

    Personally I question the trainers on Tough Enough. Austin, Demott, Booker, & Trish. There was way too many injuries to these kids on season 1. Back on the old Tough Enough with Al Snow, there were some injuries of course, but not this many & not this many serious injuries either. I think they are pushing these kids to hard & to fast. And what kind of crap is it that one of these kids quits there jobs & leaves everything behind to do Tough Enough. They get hurt and can’t compete. Then they get shit canned & got nothing to show for it. That is bullshit. There was way too manu injuries on this show not to question the training techniquies of this show & its trainers. I’m a huge WWE & overall wrestling fan. I also care about the well being of each wrestler too. That’s the kinda a fan I am. I just don’t feel Tough Enough is safe enough, nor teaching these kids enough.

  • Stevie P

    I actually enjoyed Tough Enough. I hope they renew it.