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AJ Comments on Booker/Vickie, Mysterio Translates for Cara, More

– Candice Michelle is the featured star on WWE’s website today.

– WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair will be appearing at Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling’s Cabarrus County Clash in Kannapolis, North Carolina on October 20th at the AL Brown High School. No word yet if Flair will be wrestling.

– The Ultimate Warrior, Carlito, Sandman, Raven, Bobby Lashley and Jillian Hall are advertised for a Big Time Wrestling event on October 5th in Boston.

– RAW General Manager AJ Lee tweeted the following in response to Vickie Guerrero and Booker T saying she’s lost it on last night’s SmackDown:

“I don’t appreciate the comments made by Vickie & Booker on Smackdown. I was just playing with her. Sometimes I play a little rough.”

– WWE’s website caught up with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio after last night’s SmackDown where Cara stopped Cody Rhodes from trying to unmask Mysterio. Cara then set up Rey for 619 and put one of his own masks on Cody’s head.

After celebrating in the ring, cameras caught up with the two masked man backstage. Cara spoke in Spanish while Rey translated for him. Cara talked about how nobody in WWE or around the world is going to disrespect their masks.

  • The_electrifying_one

    Mysterio and Cara tag team could be so awesome. I think Cara is a fantastic wrestler his days as mistico show that. However he does need to learn how to wrestle the way most guys in WWE do and I reckon a run in the tag division could help Cara and also help build the tag division by having someone like Mysterio in there as well.

  • Triple meh

    95% off the current WWE roster wouldnt of made it on TV 10 years ago except CM Punk he could take tickets

  • chris benoit

    your face has a midits diviosn @ grillz

  • Justin sane

    I love me some aj

  • grizz

    Sin Cara and Rey are JOKES, they should not even be in the WWE, WWE does not have a midgets division.


    about this whole aj character crazy chick thing i look at it like this this is a good thang that whole contract vs contract gthing fits her crazy chick character a crazy person wood do sum like that fa no reason other than they can n her attacking vicki also helps th further her character as a crazy person n power so RITE NOW N SO FAR wwe doin her character rite but HOPEFULLy they dont screw it up #imjustsayin

  • EVH

    Rey + Sin Cara, this is a good sign. Rey’s been wrestling “american style” for a long time now, so knowing they’re friendly with each other shows there’s no animosity between them and that Rey is willing to take him under his wing and help Sin Cara grow in WWE.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I would love to see Rey at 100% and have a match between him and Sin Cara. It would help Cara out too becuase they can both speak spanish so they can can understand eachother better in the ring

  • Aj just playing with vickie guererro lol.

  • johnny depp

    yes yes yes yes…

  • Bill

    If Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio are starting to team up against Rhodes, then Cody’s going to need a partner of his own sooner rather than later.

  • Albert

    Candice michelle is the best diva in WWE HISTORY!!! end off –