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Backstage News on Cody Rhodes’ WWE Status After RAW, AJ Lee Gets a New Tattoo on Her Neck

– AJ Lee just got a new tattoo to commemorate her first Divas Title win. The marks represent 6/16/13, the day she won the Divas Title at WWE’s Payback pay-per-view. Here’s her new ink on the back of her neck:

AJ new tattoo

– Word going around at RAW last night was that Cody Rhodes is taking a few weeks off to get married and go on his honeymoon. Cody is getting married to former WWE Diva Brandi Reed (Eden Stiles). He will be brought back to the storylines in a few weeks.

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  • millerj265

    And on top of that how is it tacky? its not a tramp stamp right above her butt, and its not right across her boobs or right above her vag. She literally worked her whole life to become wwe women’s champion, its been her dream since she was a kid. So how is getting the day when all her dreams and aspirations finally came true tattooed on her neck tacky?

  • millerj265

    Apparently this website, and everyone who saw the post and decided it was worth looking at and craping all over lol

  • Betty Boop

    who cares about her stupid tacky tattoo

  • Betty Boop

    who cares about her tattoo it is the most silly think I ever saw Mr Photographer is right it about how many guys she dumps she dates everything that moves
    she is a nut job story line or not
    and if she has to have the other WWE divas do her dirty work like on Friday night Smack Down last week she is not the independent WWE Divas Champion she think she is she does not represent what a true WWE Divas Champion really is she is a wacko and nut job and a target for the other WWE Divas who I might add kicked her ass last week on Monday night Raw
    time for your meds AJ Lee you sure need them
    What a joke

  • Solid

    looks like she got it from a prison tattoo ‘artist’.

  • Trevor Donovan Allen

    Cody’s got Jungle Fever! 😀

  • ddfindl

    It’s actually the number of black wrestlers she’s been with

  • JIR

    A tattoo is supposed to have a meaning to it and should be personal as far as quality yeah fire away

  • Mr_Photographer

    I thought the tattoo represented the # of guys she has dumped.

  • The Killswitch

    Guys, keep it clean.

  • CC

    I think anyone with half a brain could work out that Cody’s firing was so he can get married and go on honeymoon etc.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Really?? THAT’S a tattoo??