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Backstage News on Naomi vs. Paige at WWE MITB, Announcers Told to Ignore Mick Foley?

– Cameron may be getting involved in the Naomi vs. Paige Divas Title Match at Money In the Bank to further her break-up angle with Naomi.

– We noted before how Mick Foley pointed out that WWE announcers wouldn’t acknowledge him when Bad News Barrett does the elbow drop off the apron.

The feeling after this week’s RAW was that it was clear the announcers are given the directive not to mention Foley’s name.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Omar

    She looks like a She-Titus in that pic.

  • Kristoffer Binder

    I think its more he does the Bang bang hand gestures to go along with it, then the elbow drop tiself

  • Chisox4ever

    You mean the Ace Cutter?

  • Solid

    And is it just me or does Naomi look like a tranny in this pic? 5 o’clock shadow and all, not the most flattering pic. 😀

  • CC

    i dont think they mention Undertake that often with the piledriver. The figure four though I agree. But that said, I dont think the elbow drop of foley is as iconic as either of those moves. due to the whole socko thing, the mandible claw became the move that foley is more associated with. the figure four and the tombstone are finishers, and elbow drop is an elbow drop. i think the other thing with the two moves you mention is the name of the move is very specific. the foley elbow drop never had a name that was specific to foley.

  • Solid


  • oppa

    True. But he popularized it. It’s like how The Undertaker was not the first to use a tombstone piledriver, but because he popularized it, not mentioned in WWE without reference to him. Same can be said about Ric Flair being call the Nature Boy or using the figure four leg lock.

  • CC

    was actually gonna make that point as well, but changed my mind at the last minute as i though it might be overkill for me, so thanks for that ha ha
    simple fact is it just reinforces my point that nobody really has a right to cry that someone is using their move or moaning that nobody mentions they used to use that move.

  • Solid

    You mean the Diamond Cutter? 😛

  • CC

    But it was only a variation of the move performed countless times by Randy Savage from the top rope into the ring. Did Foley want the commentators to acknowledge that everytime he did it?
    Its no different to Kurt Angle having a bitch fit over Jack Swagger doing the ankle lock, like Ken Shamrock had never done it before Angle copied it.
    Wrestlers have to accept everything in wrestling is recycled, and stop trying to take credit for moves that existed before they ever stepped into a ring.
    You dont hear Stone Cold crying that the RKO is basically just a copy of the stunner.

  • DD

    Foley totally made that move prominent though by how frequently he used it.

  • CC

    the elbow drop from the ropes was never exclusive to Foley, so its probably more a case of WWE saying “just ignore Foley, he is marking for himself as usual”