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Backstage TNA News: Dixie Carter Trying To Get Jarrett To Walk Away?

Credit: Newsletter

Dutch Mantel’s firing last week is being viewed by sources within TNA as a very telling move regarding Jeff Jarrett’s future with the company. All sources agree that Mantel’s firing is a sign that Jarrett either won’t be coming back, or will have little-to-no power if he opts to return. Sources say Mantel was like a father figure to Jarrett and Jarrett never would have released him.

Mantel was viewed by many within TNA as someone who objected to storyline ideas without offering any fresh ideas of his own. He had a good reputation from booking in Puertyo Rico and people were excited when he was hired in 2003, but that excitement quickly faded.

There are some people within the company who believe that Dixie Carter fired him in hopes that it would lead to Jarrett just walking away from the company. Jeff has kept a low profile since he was sent home and hasn’t commented publicly or given any indication as to what his plans are. There’s talk that Jarrett may have sought legal counsel on the matter.

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  • a depressed wrestling fan

    errors on previous statement: creative and management changing, in the third paragraph:the new creative team could actually make it worse and final paragraph: personally, But before wrestling gets better tna or someone else need to get better and get vinces head out of his ass
    sry for these errors i was typin fast and was on a roll
    until next time peace out

  • a depressed wrestling fan

    with jeff leaving and creative and management i think we could be on the verge of witnessing the make or break moment of tna. I think these are the three possible outcomes:
    1. with a new creative team tna could become a less confusing show with more quality wrestling which could bring ratings up and make wwe view them as serious competition and force wwe to produce a higher quality show which could in the next few years start a new era in wrestling which could even rival that of the attitude era(this is a long shot but hey both wwe and tna have the talent)
    2. the new creative team could actually make it worse ans we could see both wwe and tna lose ratings and tna go out of buisness and wrestling could become even less popular and become a lost art
    3. this could change nothing in tna the overall product could stay the same and thus have no impact(no pun intended) on wwe and the whole wrestling world and we would have to deal w/ talent being misused and see the same three or four guys fight for the world titles over and over again and witness both wwe and tna turn into a product similar to wcw

    personall i wish that the 1st outcome would happen but i highly doubt it, sadly option 3 will most likely happen. But before wrestling gets better tna or someone else need to get better and get vices head out of his ass and produce a good wrestling show not one like raw where all it seems to be these days is bad comedy

  • baddog12k

    If they lose Jeff it will kill them Vince offer him bookoo bucks just to shaft TNA and he will accept it could a managment job but dixe better realize Jarett is TNA you lose him its over and he won’t go down with out a drag out fight signs are already showing another WCW without the stretch of good ratings. Dudleyz will comeback to WWE and others will likely follow AJ and Jow will be there till the end. The plus of TNA demise would be that ECW might actuall have a worth a shit roster

  • Shawn

    Yeah, no chance at all that Jarrett returns to WWE (unless he -and- McMahon get uber desperate). Also, isn’t it ironic that Jarrett was one of the founders of TNA and now he’s getting kicked to the curb.

  • seanwdragon

    yeah, but we all know that Jarret refuses to work for Vince again. Said he’s got nothing against him personally, and likes him as a person, but he’ll never work for or with him again.

  • A

    Be great if Jeff Jarrett returned to the WWE and cut a shoot promo on Dixie Carter and TNA lol.

  • Russ

    i hope he leaves that shithole TNA & returns to WWE where he belongs…FUCK TNA,Kurt “im a Pill Poppin Fuck who cheats on his wife”Angle,fuck Dixie”dont kno shit about the wrestling Business”Carter.. Double J deserves Better then this shit..i hope Kurt Angle Burns in when TNA finally dies u kno the 2 ppl to blame for it.. Blame Carter & Angle

  • Hindred

    Why is this under wwe news?