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Batista Calls WWE’s PG Product Brutal, Comments on Today’s WWE Superstars

– Former World Heavyweight Champion Batista spoke with The Daily Star in the UK to promote The Scorpion King 3 and talk about his MMA career. Here are some highlights:

The current WWE product:
“It’s brutal. I can’t watch it. I can’t connect with it. I no longer know this business. I don’t do PG wrestling.”

The Miz and today’s Superstars:
“Love me or hate me, when I was there everyone took one look at me and knew I could beat someone up. I don’t think they look at Miz that way.”

“It’s sad. It’s not their fault. These days the guys have their hands tied, they are so limited in what they can do. The difference is that guys like Rock, Austin, Triple H, excuse me, but they had to have the living sh*t beat out of them to get where they are. They went through war and the audience knows it and the audience appreciates it. The guys today will never get to that level. It’s sad, but that’s the reason for it.”

  • The miz says he,s all that but that he never went verse the animal …….

  • Wellsy

    I don’t get the appeal with the Miz, never have, and I’m guessing it’s probably for the reasons that Batista says.

    He doesn’t have that “hard man” image, so it’s hard to believe he could beat someone up. Not every wrestler has to have that, but they usually have something else to back it up. John Morrison had great athleticism. Same as Shawn Michaels. Bret Hart and Ric Flair were great technical wrestlers. Rey Mysterio was like a whippet on Red Bull. CM Punk is great at martial arts. Mick Foley could quite literally be shot with a gun and still keep going.

    But what does the Miz have? He isn’t quick. He has no real wrestling back ground. He’s not technical at all. He’s never taken a real beating and won. He’s not tough. He can’t exactly do anything that your average wrestler couldn’t do. He doesn’t have eye catching moves or athleticism. So apart from being semi-decent on the mic (which last time I checked doesn’t physically win you a wrestling match) what qualifies him to be up there as a contender for the belt (let alone a former champion!)?

  • Chris

    Batista talks shit, Look at guys like Bryan Danielson, CM Punk and Ryder. They had the shit kicked out of them on the indy scene and Batista get a reality check…The only reason you was a main eventer is because you was a steroid indused freak. Im glad Booker T kicked his ass haha.

  • z


  • TG

    Batista was an average wrestler and his promos were above average. But of course “the look” gave him the green light his last heel turn was great in my eyes though could have been epic if he had more freeway like in the attitude era.

  • Thecoriginals

    I agree with batista he is all the way fucking right because ever since the little jimmy /john cena,kofi kingston join the WWE made it soo Pg and the little backstabing hulk hogan ,ric flairand those hardy boys going to TNAwtf?¿ Really….!!¡! I miss the good original times of wwe wwf wcw ecw <3

  • adam

    Yea thats the main thng tha killing wwe is linda’s dumb ass senate run she needs to realize she isnt gong to win. I mean no matter how pg she tries to make it now people can keep brining up you sacrificed people hung a person had your son in law who is a top executive in teh buisness screw a maniquinn so yea

  • Bawb

    @ Sammo

    Yep, you got a point. Apologies.

  • Eric

    This is just one of the many reasons why WWE sucks today, so damn boring and full of kids shit. TNA Impact is way better, anyone with a brain who watched last nights impact would know this to be true. Fuck wwe and it’s kiddy fans

  • peep this

    That god for youtube, cause I can relive all the attitude of the wwe. While we, you or whom ever may not like Batista, his point is well taken. I still watch it, but every show is DVR’d. Back in the day I was glued to this shit with my buddies over. Now, theres not much of the wow factor like there use to be. Sure punk turned up the knob for a second. But even he has been toned down. Its a business and there running it how the see fit. Which if your like the rest of us here the product fucking sucks.

  • Austin of TWFS


    If WWE = Circus for 6 – 14 year old kids then does,
    Circus = WWE for 15-23 year olds?

  • Bill

    If Miz & the rest of the roster wasn’t so restricted, then I bet they would be as bad ass as the Rock & the others. It’s all because of Linda’s senate campaign, so she isn’t associated with a “big, bad wrestling federation”. If only Austin’s hate & rivalry with Vince was real, then he could stun his sorry ass.

  • moo

    I was pretty young when I got hooked on wrestling during the attitude era, I loved the blood, and the edge that it had, If I was a kid watching WWE now I still would think it was sugar coated.

    Kids aren’t as stupid as people think.

  • Epic

    WWE = Circus for 6 – 14 year old kids

  • man

    Wrestling was Pg in the 80s and I worked out good you make more money if a whole fam comes to your show rather than two friends going….

  • adam

    Love him or hate him he is right about the PG bullshit i mean this is garbage what they put out now. He was wrong about miz though yea he doesnt look like he can win ina fight but he is a pretty good wrestler considering were he came from. I was hoping punk would issue a new era but that was wishfull thinking

  • Jon

    How bout Batista wrestling. That burial. But he does have a point the PG product is getting old

  • simon07

    For someone who can’t watch WWE he knows a lot about the Miz. Anyway he should just shut up now, we get he doesn’t like the WWE product, move on.

  • Mabry

    Sammo, of course he did PG, it was hes job, and because he got bored of it he left. Am not gonna say that hes better than miz, cause he aint, but what he says is right.
    Look at how much it took Bret, HBK, Triple H, Austin, Edge and the Rock to be world champs. Now look at Sheamus (am a fan of him btw), Del Rio and Miz… won the world title really fast, but now they are back to mid card, if they make it in the card at all(except Del Rio, for now). Thats what imo the IC, US and Tag titles are for, to make mid carders bigger, it should be the first step to the world title. Just like the great guys i mentioned, they all started in the IC or Tag division, and now they are living legends. Rhodes and Zigler are the only guys that are taking this path now days…

  • Mark

    I agree with Batista, hes 100% rite. You just have to looked at the crowd reactions now compared to the attitude era. The crowd is dead, fans reactions are muted to say the least. Remember the pops for Austin and the Rock.

  • Sammo

    @Bawb – read my comment properly. I no point did I criticise anything that Batista has done. He was a pretty able guy in my opinion, especially for a musclehead. All I did was point out that The Miz is a better performer, and that he certainly had done PG wrestling in past despite claiming he “doesn’t do it”.

    Do you see?

  • CC

    Batista doesnt do PG wrestling?
    Of course he doesnt, but thats because he doesnt do any wrestling, and never has.

  • 1919

    batista was actually a pretty good big man.. it was just overshadowed by the hulkish booking.

    he had good matches with booker, benoit, taker, hhh and rey

  • Bawb


    Miz’s over acting gimmick and antics ain’t shit compared to Batista. While Batista was in many ways the typical big man with tattoos, he was pretty natural in his role as a heel in evolution when he had to play the big tough bad guy role of the group. He wasn’t the best face, but he still put on an impressive show through wrestling. And when he became a heel against Rey, he was pretty good.

    There was a specific role he probably could’ve done best in WWE, but he was never able to achieve that through Creative’s decline in writing, in my opinion.

  • Graham

    why the fuk is wwe targeted towards kids? how can a kid aged 6-14 appreciate a great shoot interview by punk or the reason why we boo cena?

    Targeting kids and making it PG goes against everything that wwe/wwf/wcw/ecw used to stand for,

    I don’t believe the wwe would be as big as it is now, if wwe were always PG therefore when your getting 9 million viewers watching the rock and mankind this is your life compared to now, why change? if it aint broke dont fix it.

  • Sammo

    Batista is missing the point. He might have a better physique than The Miz – but The Miz is still a better character AND wrestler than Batista ever was. And thus The Miz will earn respect in ways that Batista wasn’t ever able to.

    And saying “I don’t do PG wrestling” is bullshit. Anyone wanna remind him of his final week in WWE when he went around in a wheelchair with a comical cast and threw a tantrum? And what about the time he beat Simon Dean after drinking his “Simon System” drink at ringside? Those moments looked very family-friendly to me, Dave

  • RacinTrucker350

    Someone should ask Booker T if Batista can beat someone up. Isn’t this the same guy that ripped a muscle off the bone by jogging?

  • tim

    Love him or hate him, and I am not a fan, Batista is right on this. People dont pay dues so they arent prepared. This leaves the audience waiting for them to “GET IT”. When back in the day if you were brought to the WWE then you already “GOT IT”.

  • PG stands for Pathetic Garbage

  • WWE is scared of being labbelled as a “bad product” Ever since the Beniot thing, the WWE has been trying to be a good little jimmy show.I remember when ratings used to be 9.23 for raw, and now the barley pass 3.

  • R-loser

    the miz is the best finally someone to appreciate his work…..becoz he is the miz an hes aweeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssomee..!!!!!!!!!!!