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Bella Twins Working with NFL & MTV, Update on Kharma, Tonight’s FCW Event

– WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston will be appearing at tonight’s FCW live event from Punta Gorda, Florida at the Punta Gorda Charlotte Event Center.

– There is still no official word on Kharma’s WWE status. She remains on the WWE website roster page but is listed on WWE’s Alumni list on Twitter. It’s interesting to note that before Thursday, she was never listed in any of WWE’s official Twitter feeds.

– The Bella Twins will be doing work with MTV’s Ridiculousness and the NFL Network in the coming months. The new workout video that they are releasing in August comes from Celebrity Sweat and features NFL star Desean Jackson. Celebrity Sweat previously released workout videos with NFL stars Michael Vick and Devin Hester.

  • Albert

    I just checked, Kharma isnt on the superstar page anymore, she was there 10mins ago :/

  • poko

    The Bella Twins were actually good at what they did, which was being entertaining heels. They had a lot more personality than most of the models the WWE has on the roster. In terms of in-ring ability, they were very athletic, and had improved to the point that they were better than several girls who had been there much longer (KellyKelly for example). I think they had a lot of potential, and of the model-types, they where the ones I wish who had stayed.

  • mabry

    for being a guy that constantly complains about chicks that cant wrestle in a WWE ring, i sure miss the Bellas…. didnt think i would but i really really do!!!…