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Bingo’s Breakdown: Nash fired – Is it a work?


Greetings jabronis,

The last couple of days have seen wrestling gossip sites ablaze with the news that Big Sluggish Kevin Nash (ha ha – I’m so in-your-face disrespectful!) has been released by the WWE – just a few weeks after making his return to TV.

But, I ask as I stroke my bumfluff beard, is it all just a work? Or is it all part of the fictional storyline? Speaking to a couple of friends last night who also confess to being big fans of the grapple game, I was surprised to learn how differing our opinions on the matter were – which has thus inspired me to scribe this column. I find it rather wonderful when an event such as this blurs the boundaries between reality and story. Don’t you? Huh?

So here I shall present all the evidence to both support and deny the “work” claim, and, like an episode of Scooby-Doo (minus a dog that clearly has severe learning difficulties… But then I guess it’s rather miraculous that a canine can talk at all) I shall attempt to draw a conclusion and maybe even unmask someone. Let us begin…

Evidence that Nash’s release IS a work:

– HHH and Nash being best buddies isn’t just for TV, they genuinely are close friends who enjoy slapping each other on the abck during rounds of golf. Would HHH – who has a lot of power at WWE – really seek to humiliate his top chum with an early dismissal during his last run with the company?

– Nash Tweeted that the reason for his release was down to the two parties not being able to agree on a fee. Would a 52 year old performer enjoying his last hurrah in the big league really walk out on the company for the sake of a few hundred extra dollars? I don’t know Nash personally, but I don’t think I can buy that. Especially considering how disgruntled Nash was after being kept off TV following his Royal Rumble appearance. The man is finally getting the TV exposure he wanted.

– Furthermore, Nash has already been back on TV for a month. So why would his fees only become an issue now? Surely that would have been decided prior to his on-screen return.

– And yes – it all ties in rather nicely that Nash is “released” from the WWE soon after being “fired” by HHH on TV. A little too neat, if you catch my drift.

– Nash made a point of telling Punk that he does “What he wants, when he wants”. Foreshadowing perhaps? All good scripted shows do it…

– WWE thoroughly enjoys “swerve” storylines. Would anyone be shocked if Nash assists HHH in beating Punk at the PPV and then it transpires that the two were in cohorts together the whole time? This HHH has been rather dull thus far, so I think we’d all welcome a heel turn from him.

Evidence that Nash’s release ISN’T a work

– I think it’s potentially relevant to note that Nash’s release came on a Thursday – that’s when WWE chose to give him his “future endeavours” notice on their website. If this was part of the storyline, why didn’t WWE given Nash his marching orders on Tuesday morning – to play in with the notion that he had been fired on the previous night’s RAW?

– Nash’s remarks on Twitter seemed to go against the grain of the storyline and break kayfabe. For those that haven’t seen, this is what Nash wrote on his Twitter account:

“To set the record straight, I passed physical w/ flying colors. Cardiologist was amazed at my lipid profile. Couldn’t reach financial terms. I will not be addressing this matter again. I am moving forward with my life. Cena, it was great having the chance to get to know you.”

… If he were seeking to maintain kayfabe, why bring up medical and financial issues that have nothing to do with the HHH/Punk saga? And the shout out to Cena also lends weight to it being a genuine message from the heart… Or is it supposed to sound like that so as to pull the wool over the eyes of us super smart Internet fans? Hmmmm? Lord knows, WWE would get a huge kick out of fooling the marks.

– Rumours have been circulating on the dirtsheets that Nash is simply unable to perform in the ring to a satisfactory level (but hey, it doesn’t stop The Great Khali from being employed). Have WWE cut their losses at a time that coincidentally makes sense within the realm of the storyline as well as reality? Why keep Nash on the roster as a performer if he isn’t even able to perform?

– Does anyone really want to see a Punk v Nash match? Even the most casual wrestling fans must be able to tell that Nash is long long past his prime. Maybe WWE only ever intended to bring Nash back for a short role in the HHH/Punk feud (Unbeknownst to Nash) and there’s a bigger story to tell that no longer involves him.


So there are both sides of the arguement as I see it. Both are solid enough to be believable, and if it does prove to be work, I commend the WWE for pulling off such a feat in this modern wrestling era, as a plethora of fans are well and truly stumped on the matter.

Personally, I’m siding with the notion that it is indeed a work. The argument just slightly outweighs the alternative in my mind – but if I’m proven wrong I won’t be overly surprised and throw a tantrum or anything. I’ll probably just spit at my cat.

I guess the next installment of RAW will give some more clues to the story. If HHH, Punk, Johnny Ace and co constantly make reference to the fact that Nash has been released then it would favour the evidence that Nash still is am employee. If, however, Nash isn’t mentioned at all and his name is quietly brushed under the carpet, then I may well change my opinion on the matter.

I guess nobody will no for sure until Night of Champions rolls around, when audiences will surely be anticipating interference from Nash during the HHH v Punk bout. Kevin Nash potentially helping WWE buyrates in 2011- who ever thought that would be possible?!

So what are your thoughts, jabronis? Is it a work or not? Will Big “Super Shredder” Kev make an appearance at Night of Champions, or has he genuinely been banished from the WWE Kingdom in a Lion-King esque manner? Was he just too broken down to make an impact in modern WWE, or has his new role yet to fully evolve? Is Scooby-Doo really retarded or just a bit slow? Share your thoughts below. I love it when you do.

Over and out.

  • Sammo

    Geez… You sure showed me!

  • Cardiff Wanderer


    No, it is not like on air talent. They are independently contracted individuals whom have a 90 day non-compete contract. When they are released, anything that they have done under the WWE banner which has not been specifically tied or the wrestler has done for the WWE which is yet to be released can be used by the WWE.

    Someone on a legends contract like Nash, Jericho etc have signed material, including their likeness, matches, voices, memories etc to be used now for the WWE to profit of “best of” DVDs, action figures, in video games etc.

    The key difference is that the WWE in this arrangement is the middle man as they will have another deal with the DVD company (even if it is subcontracted to a different part of the organisation like WWE films), action figure maker and possible the distributor, video game developer etc. If they released a legend from that deal, they would break the contract with these people and suffer financial penalty.

    This is why, when Jericho has his time off, they quite often put up an “Jericho released from WWE” statement on their site but within 7 days he appears as an alumni and a smaller statement appears that they have come to a legends agreement.

  • Sammo


    I don’t see why you think WWE can’t terminate the contract of any talent they like? Doesn’t matter if it’s a wrestler, a diva, a ref, a commentator, a writer, an agent, a legend etc, they can and will fire who they please, as history has proven.

  • CardiffWanderer

    Nash is on a legends deal which is basically a deal for the WWE to use image and name(s) for the purpose of merchandise. As an addition to this, it entitles WWE to request the talent to attend a certain amount of WWE events per year which I imagine is dependant deal to deal – and there is presumable a way of extending those appearances if required.

    This includes autograph signings, WWE aprties and expos and of course appearances on WWE television. It is under this deal that Nash has been on TV.

    Problem with this is that he cannot be released. He can leave television or it can be part of a storyline but it isn’t the same as normal WWE releases.

  • Punk, Nash n Hall SES 2012 lol

  • Jake

    Maybe new NWO with Nash and Punk, that would be a huge swerve if them too where in kahoots the whole time, Punk sacrificed the WWE title to better the wwe universe

  • venom

    I don’t think they’ll mention Nash’s name on Raw so we can believe he really did get released. Then NOC, he’ll be back. WWE is messing with the IWC.

  • Nik


    I hadn’t considered Nash being in cohorts with Punk. I guess that would kind of work as it could keep Nash on TV yet restrict him to a bodyguard role…

    But is does however call into question the amount of times Nash has powerbombed Punk.

  • StudDog

    No! Scooby Doo is not retarded, He’s a dog. Shaggy gonna get ya.

    Here have a scooby snack. LOL

  • Sammo

    Meh, I’m pretty convinced it’s a work.

    I hadn’t read what Nash has wrote on Twitter which has maybe caused some minor doubt for me. But I’m still 90% in favour of it being part of the storyline.

  • Hunter

    Still think he could return to help Punk win- leading to a feud with Big Kev and HHH.