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Bo Dallas Talks About Looking Up to Kurt Angle, WWE Developmental, the WWE IC Title, More

– Bo Dallas recently spoke with Billy Donnelly of Below are some highlights:

How different was his first main roster experience?
Very different. What happened in the 2013 Royal Rumble and what happened in the follow up on Monday Night RAW… And then I got the opportunity to go down to NXT and I won an NXT championship. At that time in my career, I spent around eight months to completely develop this character that had become so much more of a full, rounded superstar. I learned so much in that time and I’m a completely different performer than I was before.

How WWE developmental is now:
I feel the difference these days… It’s definitely positive. I mean they’ve taken WWE developmental to a whole other level. The NXT platform is its own brand. The way that they pair us these days is amazing, because something from NXT to RAW or Smackdown, there are very little differences, because there were so well prepared for the next phase of the game.

Are their other personalities he’s used for inspiration?
Yes, Kurt Angle is the #1 when it comes to who is most similar to what I’m doing and that’s who I’ve looked up to a lot, and learned many things from. Honestly the other WWE Superstar that I can say I’ve learned from was John Cena, taking his messages and taking them to the fullest with complete positivity. Never back down, never give up, and Bo-lieving in that and not straying from that and believing John Cena’s messages to the fullest.

Possibly winning the Intercontinental Title:
I grew up watching, I grew up a huge man. If you look back at the Intercontinental Championship, you’ve got Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Mr. Perfect. This title is a legacy and I believe it needs to be brought back to that. It needs to be put back on its pedestal, and if I can obtain this title it would be a major life and career achievement and I would do anything in my power to bring it back to the prestige that it deserves.