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Bob Backlund Back in Action, Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara Update, NXT & Superstars

– Former WWE Champion Bob Backlund will return to the ring against Jerry Lynn at the Pro Wrestling Syndicate show in Queens, New York on November 12th at The Queens Elks Lodge. Teddy Hart vs. Amazing Red will also take place as well as a 4-on-4 Elimination Match with Lethal’s Legends (Jay Lethal, Tatanka, Virgil & Hacksaw Jim Duggan) taking on Corino’s Cripplers (Justin Corino, Smith James, Pat Buck & John Silver).

There will be an autograph signing with stars before the event and a wrestling seminar with Backlund also. For more information, visit

– Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara is reportedly on the books for WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. As noted before, the match is also being advertised for the upcoming SmackDown tapings in Mexico City.

– It’s worth noting that WWE has removed NXT and Superstars from the “Shows” section on their website and no longer lists the two programs under their “Tune In” sidebar. You can still find mentions of NXT and Superstars on WWE’s video section.

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  • Sean Mooney

    @ shawn

    Thanks, that’s where I read it!

  • JIR

    NXT and Superstars were just crap after their first runs

  • shawn

    jericho stated in his book “The Lions Tale” that bob backlund does have that requirement for his autograph.

  • The Fork on the left

    Sin cara vs Sin Cara should be a mask vs mask match then have The original as Sin Cara against Hunico as Hunico!

  • Fred

    Backlund either asks for all US Presidents or all US state capitals. You gotta earn his signature lol

  • Centerman

    I was always a fan of Bob Backlund. He always entertained me. Be careful in there Bob.

  • CC

    I gave up on the most recent season of NXT as it was just dragging on too long, and the whole redemption points things seemed to serve no valid point, especially as WWE had obviously decided who they wanted to win right from the off with that annoying dog barking fool.
    Now if they have removed NXT from its list of shows, how does that work seeing as the whole point of this season was that the winner would be in the next season?

    I am assuming this season is finished now, and have no idea who won, but I can make a good guess.

  • Sean Mooney

    Nice man, great group.

  • venom

    I’ll ask him about that. Tomorrow I am going to meet Bret Hart in PA. Check out

  • Sean Mooney

    Awesome, you should ask him his thoughts about the HoF. I met him back around 2000, when he was “campaigning for President”, interesting guy. Bob Backlund really was the first “straight-edge” champion. Danielson in WWE reminds me a lot of Bob Backlund.

  • venom

    @Sean Mooney.

    I am going to meet him on 10/8/11. I’ll let you know. lol.

  • Sean Mooney

    Bob Backlund refused the WWE HoF (I want to say back in 04) because he did not consider himself retired, he is living up to his word. I also heard that he does not give an autograph (convention aside), unless you can name every president in chronological order. Any truth to this?