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Bruno Sammartino & Bob Backlund To Appear At WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony?

World Wrestling Entertainment announced this afternoon that Abdullah the Butcher will inducted into the organization’s Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 2 in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s interesting to note that’s bio on The Butcher notes that while he never brawled two-time WWE Champion Bruno Sammartino or went the distance with Bob Backlund at Madison Square Garden, all three wrestling icons will be together when he’s inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The text reads: “Still active today even though he’s in his 70s, The Butcher has battled every legend in nearly every promotion on the planet — except WWE. Despite his decades in the ring, Abdullah never brawled with Bruno Sammartino for the WWE Championship or went the distance with Bob Backlund in Madison Square Garden. These are dream matches that will never happen, but these icons will all be together when The Butcher takes his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2011.”

It appears to be a mistake on the website’s part as Sammartino and Backlund aren’t members of the WWE Hall of Fame, not to mention that it is far fetched that Sammartino would involve himself with WWE. Since his retirement from in-ring competition in 1987, he has been highly critical of the organization’s lurid storylines, over-the-top theatrics, and drug and steroid abuse. The living legend has been particularly critical of Vince McMahon, saying that “Junior” has been detrimental to his father’s creation. Sammartino has refused induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, as well as to provide commentary on retrospectives of his career.

Meanwhile, Backlund reportedly refused an invitation into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004 because he didn’t consider himself retired. He competed for TNA Wrestling in 2007 at the age of 58 and made an appearance at the 15th Anniversary of Raw on December 10 of that year, participating in the 15th Anniversary battle royal.

  • Would anybody blame Bruno Sammartino for not wanting to be apart of the WWE HOF? I mean take a look at these inductee’s and you tell me it isn’t a joke and that Vince and his WWE don’t take it serious.

    William Perry
    Pete Rose

    and now…. Drew Carey?

    Freaking joke, I applaud Sammartino’s decision.

  • Did you guys know that there are guys who said that they will not be in the WWE Hall of Fame until Bruno Sammartino gets inducted, like Jim Cornette?

  • crispycrew

    I agree Bruno not in the HOF is a joke- I think Vince will induct him after Bruno passes away. Vince wants to but Bruno right or wrong has his reasons he disassociates with WWE and Vince.

  • CiB

    I respect Bruno Sammartino’s position, but frankly, any HOF for wrestling without him in it is a joke. I don’t see him ever going in the WWE HOF, but I really hope he does one day.