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Cena Sings Happy Birthday to Laurinaitis, New Night of Champions Poster, More

– The dark main event after last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Indianapolis saw John Cena defeat Cody Rhodes and Big Show in a handicap match. John Laurinaitis was advertised to be Show’s partner originally. Laurinaitis appeared after the match with a chair but Cena caught him. Cena was about to hit an Attitude Adjustment but put Laurinaitis down so the crowd could sing him Happy Birthday. Cena then blindfolds Laurinaitis and brings out referee Charles Robinson. They bring a cake from under the ring and Cena smashes it in Laurinaitis’ face. He tried attacking Cena with a chair but caught an Attitude Adjustment instead.

– Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown scored a 1.92 rating. The show did 2.834 million viewers.

– Former WWE tag team Rosey and The Hurricane (Shane Helms) will be reuniting for an August 9th UCW event in Berwick, Nova Scotia and on August 11th in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

– Below is the updated WWE Night of Champions poster with John Cena:

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  • Apacaveli

    Super-Cena Is A Clown Shoes Douchebag Cena Sucks He Only Has 3 Moves Of Doom Cm Punk Is Better Thats Why Cm Punk Is The Best In The World He Has More Moves Than Super-Cena Only Dreammed Of Keep The WWE Championship Off Super-Cena And Stay On Cm Punk Cuz Cm Punk Deserves 2 Be WWE Champion Not Super-Cena.

  • KingAlbert

    Cena has no chance of winning, keep pulling your dicks.

  • sdp

    I’m actually really hoping if anything that Cena wins at summerslam takes it to the royal rumble, loses to the rock.. and then I guess either Punk can find a way to challenge for the title or win the rumble either way. Better then Cena vs. Rock 2

  • Questionable

    Adam I competly agree kids do get all his stuff, like I said punk probably is better, promo and wrestling but whilst cenas stock is high and he continues to get the job done, I think we will see more and more I him as the main event. Just a thought?

  • adam

    @questionable. Yea thats because all the women by there kids and them all the cena crap. But if this was based on pure wrestling ablity and promo’s with out saying the champ is here. Punk would blow him out evewry single time cena inst even in punks league wrestling and promo wise.

  • Can yal shut up and quit hating please before I slap yal.

  • questionable

    John Cena’s t shirts, caps, bands….. etc etc out sell everyone else 2-1, if cm punk or who ever is a better wrestler thats fine, but Cena pays the bills and has been doing for a while so why not milk that all the way. TBH i think he is the hardest worker bar maybe tyson kidd and a few under card guys and has not got to where he is today by bening bad at his job. suoer Cena, just a thought?

  • Bill

    Remember that awesome Extreme Rules 2011 poater with CM Punk where they replaced it with a cheesy X-Ray Cena one? I bet this will get into the storyline somehow.

  • King

    gee what a shocker super cena has too be the center of attention. cm punk is the best regardless

  • Apacaveli

    Wack Ass Poster Super-Roided-Cena Doesnt Deserve 2 Be Champion Again He Sucks Cm Punk Is A Better WWE Champion Then Super Cena Failure……

  • zach

    the cm punk one was so much better