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Chavo Guerrero Comments on Release from WWE

Guerrero posted the following on Twitter:

“Yes, it’s true. My release is the big news I was talking about. But let’s get something straight. I asked for my release. I was just tired of not being used correctly. Just cuz u can make other ppl look good, doesn’t mean they should just have u lose to them. The same thing Happened to Eddie. After being champ, they still had him working mid card status. Being a Guerrero, we’ve been taught since diapers to get the most out of ppl & matches. It’s our gift, but also our curse. WWE has always used us to make other ppl look good. It all comes down to Being happy. I was not happy in WWE anymore. I had a smile on my face last night though when I got my release though! 🙂 now it’s time for for me to start being a Guerrero again, and start kicking ass again, be able to tell stories in the ring like u know we can. 🙂 win or lose. I will never go back to the place WWE put me in. I will never go back to being under utilized and watching ppl who suck get bigger ‘pushes.’ than me! Thank u to all of u who stuck by me & kept reminding me, I was better than that! 🙂 stay tuned.. Big things coming!! Now I will really be able to entertain u! 🙂 like me or hate me, 1 thing I have always tried to do is entertain u and give u fans your $ worth. My hands were tied most of the time. I love u all and can’t wait for the future!! So happy. :)”

  • Jo

    Well Eddie before he past they wanted to let em win the title in the royal but he pass away back in 2005 i felt they didn’t want chavo to be a champ or to let em feud with ppl like mark henry or Orton wwe is good but Chavo will do better in TNA belive me

  • GREAT CHAVO!, you are the man, same story like Eddie and Ray to make Ray look better.

    Chavo can be a superstar, why not letting him, he couldve replaced Eddie and tag with Mysterio, too bad they didn`t let him.

  • rko

    Uncle Eddy would be proud.

  • TBone

    Bravissimo, Chavito!

  • Center

    Hope Chavo can reignite his career. He deserves better than what the WWE did to his character for the last few years.

  • venom

    Let’s face facts, Chavo is not a draw. Del Rio and Sin Cara are huge stars in Mexico. Del Rio and Sin Cara are like Mexico’s SCSA and The Rock. So those two are drawing a lot of fans from Mexico thats why they are gettint their pushes.

  • Ricardo

    Can anyone sense Chavo’s sting on Sin Cara? That seemed to be the last straw. And Chavo is right.

    That man is nothing but an untalented latino with a mask, a botch master with a crossbody for a finisher. And yet, the WWE pushed him like crazy. He never had to go through developmental even though he wasn’t ready, and he’s yet to take a pin! Whatever happened to paying your dues?. What’s even funnier is that even the IWC (is it supposed to be IEC now?) ate him up so well that I hear nothing but praises. However, the same thing that applies to guys like Big Zeke or Mason Ryan, hated by IWC pricks, aplies to Cara: he cannot tell a story in the ring, has a limited move set (it’s all hurricaranas, guys), he’s dangerous to whoever he’s working with, and the only reason he seems impressive is because he has a mask (muscles, in the other cases). Either than that, it’s botched spot fest night in and night out.

    Chavo actually had talent. It’s understandable he’s fed up with fighting with a broomstick.

  • renz

    about time… def one of the most underutlized talents in wwes roster! good luck chavo

  • I read the same thing in a previous article, too. :-/

  • Jay EZ

    I would like to see Chavo go to the newly owned ROH.

  • shawn

    why is there 2 news articles of the same story? thats weird. and i always thought chavo can go in a wrestling match. vkm wants 2 make movies so thats probably why there was a youth movement. his head is stuck up his hollywood ass. i only sound critical because thats what he was getting at in the wrestlers’ documentary “Beyond the Mat”. years ago! but the product was highly regarded then.

  • mark

    good luck chavo all the best