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Chris Masters Apologizes for Tweeting Picture of a Gun to His Head

Chris Masters Tweeted a photo on Sunday afternoon that got a lot of people questioning his mental state and his well being.

Masters tweeted a shirtless picture of himself holding a gun to his head with the caption, “My only fear of death reincarnation!” If holding a gun to his head isn’t a bad enough sign, he was also holding a drink in his other hand, which could mean he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the stunt. Masters posted an apology on Monday:

“I apologize to those who took the gun pic serious.Wasnt real!And I am not suicidal at all.But why are we all so uptight nowadays.Just a pic!”

  • marclerouxxx

    How is having a gun in the first place a bit much!? People need to protect themselves… If he says it’s just a picture quit taking it seriously.

  • Turn Off The Dark

    I can understand peoples concern. It would be a disturbing thing to see. But clearly he didn’t mean anything by it.


    Hes right! Idgaf!

  • Bawb

    Uhh, actually it’s not a middle finger on a PPV (@ Jimbotron), it’s a gun to a head. Having a gun in the first place is a bit much, and posing with it to your head a bit more. It’s a fucking gun, man. And with a drink in the other hand…it’s just never a good look.

  • Jimbotron

    He’s right though. Too many people are uptight about too many things. Like a middle finger on a PPV.

  • bb

    lol, idiots drunk

  • ##

    WOW!! Am I the only one that cares to say “WHAT A F**KING IDIOT”?!?!?!