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Chyna Films a New Adult Film, Update on Her Future with TNA

– TMZ reports that Chyna is getting back into the porn business and will be starring in an “extremely graphic” adult film.

Vivid President Steve Hirsch told TMZ that Chyna approached him months ago and wanted to get her adult film career going again. Vivid has booked her with two of the industry’s biggest stars, Evan and Lee Stone, for a new movie called “Backdoor Into Chyna” that has already been filmed.

The DVD will be released “in the near future” but it doesn’t sound like Chyna will be returning to TNA anytime soon.

Eric Bischoff was recently asked on Monday Night Mayhem’s radio show about Chyna’s TNA future and said, “That’s a really good question and I’m not going to answer it because it would be inappropriate. So, let’s leave it at that.”


    This is a really sick world why would you advertise something like that

  • Dramon

    I am so turned on by this.

  • Mattitude

    What do you mean by that Ronald? They explained who abducted Joe, oh wait… Never mind… Both companies think the fans are stupid bur I agree, TNA is much worse when it comes to “forgetting”.

  • JIR

    I just threw up on my keyboard

  • Bcvs

    I’m kinda into nasty porn.
    I really loved her previous two sex tapes and she’s awesome.
    I hope she does anal in this.

  • Stalker_Guy

    Chyna was my first Playboy had to get my mum to get it because i was 13 (great mum huh) but there is no way i am getting this (or will i out of curiosity?) but that title is a fucken crack up! it better have a good political storyline! Are those other actors Chinese?

  • muh boy

    this is great news

  • JOE

    “extremely graphic”???? Oh man I just threw up in my mouth.

  • CC

    Just what everyone needs to see, Chynas vagina penis.
    nasty shit

  • Ronald

    Typical TNA. No follow up on the payoff of a big angle. They’re worse than WWE thinking fans will forget the past. At least WWE will ignore past events that took place years before. TNA conveniently forgets stuff that happened on the previous episode or PPV! Crazy.

  • Sammo

    It depresses and disturbs me in equal measure to think that someone would want to watch a porno starring Chyna…