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CM Punk Names His Top 5 Opponents of All Time

During the recent Raw tour in Australia, CM Punk spoke with THQ on his top 5 opponents of all time. Punk listed the following names.

1) Eddie Guerrero
2) Rey Mysterio
3) John Cena
4) Daniel Bryan
5) The Undertaker

  • SYM

    I think CM Punk’s best opponents are the Fans O_O

  • Moo

    What about me?, what about Raven?

  • sam

    its a shame HBK and Punk never had a rivalry those matches would of been epic, and he would of put HBK on that list but oh well

  • Jon

    I dont see how people can say so and so should be on this list, this isnt your list its punks and his opinion.

  • CM Mark

    I’m no Jeff Hardy fan but Jeff Hardy should have been on that list. JoMo should have too. IMO.


    punk is full of shit eddie and bryan come befor cena

  • johnny depp

    i like this list very much…..
    eddie eddie eddie…..
    but shawn, hhh, rock maybe considered

  • Logan


  • Logan

    @Tom… Just Tom – I was just thinking that too. His serious with Joe was just amazing.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    I’m sure if he wasn’t in the WWE, Punk would have Joe on the list.

  • Anon

    I think last year’s match with Cena at MITB itself put Cena on this list

  • Simon

    Eddie Gurerro: Who didnt love working with the guy?
    Ray Mysterio: The matches are usually always fun
    John Cena: Suprised, but again not, given their standings now, i suppose itd be fun matches for him
    Byran: No brainer
    Taker: At this point, anyone who can say they wrestled him must feel honoured.

    Speaking of: would have loved to have seen taker(in his prime) vs byran

  • Yea I still watch the triple threat with Punk Rey and Eddie on youtube. Very epic and mindblowing. Im surprised he didnt say Aj Styles, Austin Aries, or Jeff Hardy. Hmmmm Wonder why???

  • rabid

    Pretty sure the name on the bottom of his paycheck would not like joe being on the list…. Aside from his five he had awesime matches with joe and styles

  • Tyler

    He wrestled Eddie for IWA I believe. I’m surprised Joe wasn’t mentioned in that list.

  • TheAlmightyMitch

    Punk faced Eddie and Rey Mysterio in IWA:MS. Eddie won the match for the championship which Punk held.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Bryan was a no brainer, Cena surprises me, he had one match wit Taker an I don’t remember one wit Eddie. On to youtube