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CM Punk Says Nash Is Out of Touch, Comments on Winning In Chicago and Taker

– CM Punk briefly spoke with Joe Cowley of the The Chicago Sun-Times this week. Here are some highlights:

JC: Best wrestling entrance of all time?

CMP: Undertaker’s, easily.

JC: Was it hard to keep a straight face when Kevin Nash called you a ‘‘short-order cook . . . from a Waffle House’’ on ‘‘Raw’’ last week?

CMP: I don’t think I did . . . he’s completely out of touch.

JC: What was it really like winning the WWE Championship in front of a hometown crowd at Allstate Arena back in July?

CMP: I don’t have the words to explain the gravity of that situation. The love I got from Chicago was astounding. I know it sounds cliché and corny, but no words. Words couldn’t do it justice.

  • Kosher4Cabana

    @DX Im sure you’d rather watch Triple H do the same stale routine he’s been doing for 10 years…Or least we forget, Kevin Nash is 52 years old and even in his prime was called one of the stiffest in ring workers in the business. BTW, some of us were fans of Punk BEFORE the promo. When he came to Raw in Knoxville, I was the only one in my section marking out and was disappointed that he was Mason Ryan’s manager…Real fans have respected Punk before the promo, it just elevated him to a whole nother level

  • StudDog

    dx: I agree! well said.

  • ohdear

    Why are people getting in a tiz about everyone suddenly liking CM Punk? Yeah some over the top statements like “CM Punk makes Chris Jericho look like Michael Cole” are very silly, but break out moments happen all the time in wrestling. I’ll bet almost none of you gave a flying fuck about Zack Ryder before his youtube vids got him over.

    Saying “he doesn’t deserve the push he’s getting he only cut one good promo” strikes me a tad misinformed when a) That promo led to arguably the best match of the year so far (a match involving JOHN CENA. WAT) and b) A few years ago nobody cared about a certain superstar until he said “Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass.”

    You fundamentalists can deny it all you want, but switch 3:16 for “I hate the idea that you’re the best, because you’re not. I’m the best. I’m the best in the world” and here we are.

  • D2K

    What’s the name of this company again? World Wrestling ‘Entertainment.’ Who’s more entertaining than CM Punk right now. No one.

    CM Punk could come out and recite limericks and it would be 10X better than the garbage that has been on WWE the past 5 years (expect for a few Wrestlemania matches like HBK/Taker, Jericho/Legends, etc.).

  • Nicholas G

    I also agree with DX. The whole agreeing with CM Punk all the time is getting old. I love the change but not everything CM Punk say is all true. Most of the stuff CM Punk said has already been approve an talk about before hand. CM Punk most likely have more respect for Kevin Nash than we think they are just building on the story line. Grant it some of the thing Punk say may have some truth but there are also some parts that are just only an opinion.

  • Jason

    I agree with DX. Nash is a huge part of history & is still giving back to the biz. Now he understands that his job now is more so to get newer talent over. As for Punk well he’s just beginning his total main event status (I hope) and hopefully WWE doesn’t do what they usually do … drop the ball.

  • blue4everd

    @dx dude this is the second time you posted a comment about Cm Punk!! we get it!!

  • cakes

    @ DX you’re 100% right….these are the same people that went nuts when the rock came back and is going to wrestle cena, but when punk mentioned how sick he was that the rock is already headlining WM28, these fickle fans switched right to punks side. Dont get me wrong, Punk was always good, but recently made the turn to greatness as far as his character goes. I never cared about nash in the WWF/WCW/TNA and I sure as hell didnt care for him in the rumble. Nash will find a way to convince creative to bury punk and its ashame

  • dx

    i cant stand dumb wrestling fans ever since cm punk started this whole new story line everyone has been on his dick now dont get me wrong hes great but noone gave a shit about him before this, then kevin nash came back and everyones bashing him because hes up against cm punk and now everyone thinks nash sucks in the ring hes too old hes horrible on the mic just because cm punk is the craze right now. when nash came back in the rumble everyone was on his dick then but now hes not good anymore cuz hes beating up wrestlings new sensation just appreciate them both nash has done way more for wrestling then cm punk ever can yes hes also done way worse but punk is a big help in the chages were starting to get in wrestling, enojy both of their tv time

  • StudDog

    LOLing at venom and his man crush.

  • breezy

    cm punk didnt deserve to main event wrestlemania cut it out be for real cm pumk just became relevent in wwe

  • Rob

    That’s because he should’ve main evented last WrestleMania but Miz did instead.

  • venom

    CM Punk made MITB ppv feel like a Wrestlemania.