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CM Punk Reportedly Pulls a Blade Job on RAW

– It was a move that we used to see every week but rarely see on WWE TV these days. WWE Champion CM Punk reportedly bladed on this week’s RAW in the steel cage match against Jerry Lawler. Punk appeared to gig his forehead before returning to the cage a second time and then appeared to hand the blade off to referee Charles Robinson.

At best we can tell, there has been no fallout backstage – meaning Punk has more power than imagined or he successfully argued that he did not blade and that it was a hardway cut. Blading is absolutely prohibited in WWE these days.


  • Kingablery

    Not a big deal Raw was finishing, i doubt many youngsters were still awake.

  • centerman

    I have it on DVR. Haven’t seen it yet. Sounds like something to watch for.

  • Turn Off The Dark

    Oh god, people are really bitching about others who enjoy seeing the blood? Some people love gore. And lets face it. The stuff is more believable when someone is bleeding. OH HE JUST GOT CLOBBERED IN THE FACE….But no blood? It just doesn’t make since. And that is one of the many reasons why the Attitude era was better.

  • False Idol

    I have looked at it a number of times and honestly, I think he does. He kind of throws the blade to the ref so it doesn’t look like he’s giving it hand to hand..but it does look like he bladed literally before he went into that cage!! I can see how there could be some doubt though, if he has bladed then he has done it really well!!

  • chronoxiong

    But I thought the show is PG? Wouldn’t it give the Little Jimmies bad nightmares when they go home? Lol…

  • Austin

    He payed the fine REPORT ABOUT THAT SHIT

  • Chuva

    Watched it a few times (as well as live), and it does NOT look like a blade job at all. One, it didn’t bleed long enough. Two, the placement was within the hair, and that’s just not a “regular” place to blade. Could be wrong, but it just doesn’t look like a gig at all. Punk is running with it on twitter, so… it is what it is.

  • basketball with a grudge

    Just saw this on Bleacher Report regarding blood: “Let’s face it, when you ram a head into a steel cage and it doesn’t bleed, it’s not too believable. I think WWE had to change things around and allow moderate bleeding.” I personally agree, for the record I’m not desperate to see blood, I can watch a show just fine without it however cage/HIAC matches were always to my memory a brutal, sometimes bloody affair so why not allow a little blood? Not because it “improves the show” because it doesn’t, just for the believability factor.

  • sam

    personally the only time blood should be used is in HITC/steel cage matches and street fights. the HITC ones have gone down hill because of it.

  • Supercena < Divorce Papers

    Guess that it was another tribute to Bret Hart…

  • mabry

    what is it with blood, that everyone wants it so bad????, i dont see how blood make matches any funner, its the wrestling ability itself that make matches good!!!, well, its just my oppinion after all.

  • Dr.Dre

    Cm punk best in the world

    He keeps pushing it. He may have done it to bring more attention to a dull match with King

  • The Showoff

    CM Punk is a.. wrestling.. god!

  • Shay R.

    Does that mean he’s going to be suspended? 😀

  • Paton

    strange choice of match to blade for, not exactly the biggest of matches

  • sean

    when i saw that i said YES blood finally decent match

  • Jimbo

    So now he’ll get punished and be forced to drop the title to Cena.

  • adam

    Im kind of confused did he do it or not because it didnt seem like he was bleeding at the end of the match and at the end of the article it said he gave the blade back to the ref.Also blood doesnt neccearly make the product better i think the hardcore matches were more entertaning then some of the bs matches nowadays like orton burrying everyone

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    Incoming blood fetishist who believe bleeding makes a better product in 3….2….1