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CM Punk Updates: WWE Using His Name, Money in the Bank News & More

– The plan as of a few days ago was to not have CM Punk cut a heel promo in his hometown of Chicago at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

– WWE officials reportedly knew CM Punk was considering leaving the company as far back as last year when Chris Jericho left.

– As noted before, WWE recently trademarked Punk’s name for merchandising which indicates they are planning on putting out a new line of products for him. Punk giving WWE the rights to his name was an issue in the past, so that could be a hint that both sides have reached some kind of agreement, even if it’s not a new contract.

Even though WWE has trademarked the name, Punk can still use it anyway he wants once he leaves the company because he brought the name with him when the business relationship between he and WWE began. Punk created the intellectual property but WWE now has the right to merchandise the CM Punk name and likeness.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • adam

    he wouldnt go to tna anyways. I have a feeling he is staying though.

  • Psychomiklos

    It’ll be for DVD ‘s and compilations and things

  • Punk cannot leave WWE, he made this amazing storyline build and now he can maybe co-op with Cena against McMahon, making cena more likeable.

  • CM Mark

    I’m glad you posted this, that clears up the name drama for me. It sounds like a fair deal, WWE makes some money, and Punk keeps his name. Win, win, NOW SIGN THE DAMN CONTRACT AND GET BACK TO BUSINESS!!!

  • Greatness

    I hope that the Chicago crowd is somewhat like the New York (ECW) crowd for RVD vs Cena.

    Knowing the WWE, Punk will do something really bad on Raw for everybody in Chicago to boo him. I expect that it won’t matter and the crowd is heavy on both pro-Punk and anti-Cena.

  • M.O.P.

    cancel your booking Bill, your gonna be better off watching a justin beiber concert

  • Bill

    I sincerely hope there is a HUGE swerve at MITB where Punk doesn’t actually leave & something huge happens. I’m buying MITB this year, & it will be my first PPV buy, so I hope it’s worth it.

  • cheesehandler

    when cm punk was in tna they called him cm punk

  • Jason

    @ Peep It

    Even if he would have trademarked it before he came to the WWE chances are WWE would have called something else. I’m surprised with this in the fact that hardly anyone has really been able to use their “WWF/E” name after leaving the company unless its maybe down in the indies.

    WWE usually likes to own everything about their “talent”.

  • Greatness

    More rubbish for the IWC to ponder about. I’m telling you guys he wins at MITB and this either puts him or Cena as the top heel.

  • al

    merchandise?? i thought CM punk wasnt on any cover of programs or coffee mugs… etc. hahah

  • peep it

    You would think these guys would trademark there own name if they brought it with them. That way they dont get screwed. Owell. Punk junk what ever the guy is on a one man crash course of get the fuck out. but hey it getting them some massive exposure

  • venom

    Okay, as long as he can use that name where ever he goes. Because TNA would probably call him C Punk.