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Cole Misses Important Spot at RAW, Encyclopedia Pushed Back, More

– Jillian Hall, Winter and Becky Bayless (Cookie) are among the top women’s wrestlers to be featured at the debut B.L.O.W. (Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling) event on October 11th in Rahway, New Jersey. The event will be hosted by Ashley Massaro and will air on iPPV. More details are available at

– The second edition of the WWE Encyclopedia has been pushed back from September to a November 19th release.

– There was heat on Michael Cole after last night’s RAW for missing a spot during the CM Punk vs. Jerry Lawler main event. Towards the end of the match, Punk used a Rock Bottom on Lawler. That spot was supposed to be pointed out on commentary with Cole hyping up the fact that Punk was using The Rock’s finishing move.

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  • eric

    it wasn’t rock bottom at all. it was a urnagi. joey styles is even better play by play guy then cole. heck cole is so bad. even josh matthews is better broadcaster then cole. cole messes up spots all time last 2-3 yrs in wwe. only reason jim ross is not on tv. becasuse vince doesn’t like jim ross. straight up doesn’t like jim ross. that why he is always making fun of jim ross. like he did in june. mocking jim ross condtion. really sad and pathetic.

  • Phill

    Marc Middleton strikes again! Get him off this site. It wasn’t a rock bottom. Watch his earlier matches in “ECW” when he didn’t use the GTS as his finisher.

  • Jay

    If JR. Were still on commentary then Lawler would be fine. Its Cole thats the problem. Lawler is probably pissed because JR. isn’t back. So he just don’t give a shit anymore..

  • paul s

    Havent watched yet but the commentary is terrible these days. Jr was a genious he made off the cuff remarks like the rattlesnake,cerebral assassin ,apex predator, through hellfire and brimstone the big red machine. These sayings made careers. Cole and king cant call a match for shit anymore

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    ^ What Miz did was more like Matt Hardy’s “side effect”. Although they’re basically the same damn move, the Side Effect and Punk’s setup for the Anaconda.

  • Stevie P

    Miz did the exact same move to Cena and it wasn’t mentioned there either.

  • Joe John

    Yeah, definitely wasn’t a rock bottom, but whatever.

  • Austin

    He didn’t use a Rock bottom you stupid fucking idiots at W-E!

  • Paton

    wasn’t a Rock Bottom though, he used to use that move all the time to set up the vice


    i did noticed dat but then again he also called HALLE BERRY HOLLY BERRY #seriously

  • coolbeans

    @smb5445 yes, it is. More bs from the dirtsheets. Quelle surprise.

  • smb5445

    Isnt that how Punk always sets up the Vice when the person is standing.

  • misfit del rio

    Or maybe its a fucking yurinagi, followed by the anaconda vice.

  • Sammo

    It can’t be easy to do a convincing looking Rock Bottom on an overweight 62 year old!

  • SYM

    Yea CM junk can’t even do a basic finishing move, fuck him, why hate on cole

  • Statch

    It was a pretty crap rock bottom though!