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Dark SmackDown Segment with HHH & Del Rio, Ryan Comments on WWE Dark Match

– As noted before, independent wrestler Joey Ryan lost to Bo Rotunda in the dark match before last night’s WWE tapings in Bakersfield, CA. Ryan wrote the following on Twitter after the match: “Really enjoyed my match with Bo Rotunda tonight. Felt like we had chemistry despite never wrestling before. Thanks to @ScottArmstrong_ too!”

– There was an off-camera segment at last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings where WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio was insulting the crowd in Bakersfield. This brought out WWE COO Triple H, who ran down Del Rio and announced Del Rio & Christian vs. Randy Orton and Sheamus in the dark main event. The segment ended with Triple H hitting a Pedigree on Ricardo Rodriguez.

The dark main event saw Orton and Sheamus defeat Del Rio and Christian.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    There are days I’d like to Pedigree some of my employees. One or two of them could do with an RKO as well (you know who you are Big Chris and Bagelman…lol).

    HHH is merely rehashing VKM’s overdone involvement in Corporation days and the Stone Cold Feud. He did a lot of PPV/Raw matches back then so HHH taking down Ricky Ricardo is fine by me. I’m sure the crowd loved it.

  • kitty

    are you serious wwe you give them the same exact match that you gave sacramento the only difference is christian instead of del rio talking crap and triple h didnt pedigree anyone but the same people won that match that won here in sacramento get different matches for different citties why do the same thing twice……..atleast we got to see christian as champ before “super orton” got the title back im an orton fan but your turning him into smackdowns version of cena get a new storyline im tired of seeing the same thing every week………

  • keylo

    Date: Aug 17, 2011 at 9:25 AM

    hhh needs to stick to his desk job or put the trunks on….a coo does not need to be going around pedigreeing his employees…lol

    He does when he is an egotistical wanker and needs to still have the spotlight put on him like HHH does.

  • cheesehandler

    hhh needs to stick to his desk job or put the trunks on….a coo does not need to be going around pedigreeing his employees…lol

  • Stevie P

    Wouldn’t the crowd start to get bored with him RKO-ing everyone in the ring? I read it every week and it ends with “Orton RKO’s everyone”.

  • Devil_Rising

    Couldn’t you totally see Orton on the Cross, but in his signature pose.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Duh. Next week he will RKO cancer and God, himself.

  • venom

    Orton probably got the pinfall by RKOing everybody, including everybody in the crowd.