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More Details on Alberto Del Rio’s Incident with a WWE Social Media Worker

– It’s been reported that the WWE employee that Alberto Del Rio slapped is Cody Barbierri. On LinkedIn and Twitter, Barbierri identifies himself as WWE’s manager of social media live events.

According to a new report, WWE’s social media manager was supposedly asked to wipe his plate clean following a meal in catering. He allegedly joked that it was Del Rio’s job to clean the plate, which could be perceived as racist by Hispanic people. Del Rio was informed of the comment, and confronted him. The individual did not apologize for his remark and then smiled at him. Fuming, Del Rio slapped him.

As noted, WWE posted the following on Twitter about the incident: “@VivaDelRio is responsible for his own actions. If you’re angry at anyone, be angry at Alberto. There’s no excuse for a pro athlete not to conduct themselves in a professional manner.”

Triple H also re-tweeted this comment.

  • The WWE is looking to replace CM Punk chants with Del Rio Chants is what I’m seeing here

  • JAckh45

    That is true, could see a damage control occur like what happened with Emma. Depends how much of a case there is really. Guess we shall wait and see.

  • CC

    although considering some of the stories that have come out over the years of altercations etc that have gone unpunished, a case could be made that he was singled out. The reason for the release is valid, but if others have gotten away with the same thing then that in itself is reason enough for a case.

  • visual

    I believe it’s all a ruse.

  • Pissed Off Fan

    Honestly yeah! Can’t Del Rio sue?

  • Pissed Off Fan

    There has to be way more of some type of cover up! If you read the tweet, it almost seems like WWE is saying they’re the good guys and Del Rio is wrong 110% and we should all be mad at him only. Plus Triple H re-tweeting it, personally, makes it seem like they really want fans to turn on Del Rio. As if they are saying the bridge has been burned. I think Del Rio was right to stand up for his Latin roots but shouldn’t have slapped the guy. It’s a very interesting situation.

  • JAckh45

    While I agree that Rio shouldnt of been fired over this issue, it still is never acceptable to assault someone and thus the “wrongful termination” is invalid.

  • Will Henderson

    if this is true and not a cover up for something far worse Del Rio did (like picking a fight with a top star like Randy Orton), then WWE will face a wrongful termination lawsuit and discrimination lawsuit on top of that as well.

  • Matthew Farrell

    wiped his plate clean? is he five years old?

  • Dustin

    IF this is true, then this is disgusting and unfortunate, the whole thing. Could’ve been handled better by every party, including WWE.

  • ReyMysterio’sBumKnee

    Good for Rio