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New Details on Why Edge Has Heat Within WWE

– There is a lot of heat on Edge within WWE right now. WWE pretty much made another Legends deal offer to him when he worked the recent SmackDown tapings but he was not interested. Edge does not want to be locked into a WWE deal and wants to be able to do his own things. When WWE originally saw that Edge’s contract was ending, they offered him a Legends deal similar to what Shawn Michaels has but word is the money offered was a bit of an insult.

There is also some heat on Edge because of Beth Phoenix leaving. There’s a belief that she’s leaving in part to help him recover from neck surgery in November. Also, there are some people high up in the company that aren’t happy about his upcoming appearance for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion.

Edge and WWE will most likely work together in the future but there is definitely the feeling within WWE that he’s sort of gone against them.

Source: PWInsider

  • Matthew

    Enough with the crap WWE. You are sounding like a jealous ex-girlfriend.

  • StudDog

    Personally I do not believe a damn thing this article says. None of it makes any sense at all.

    Why waste your time spewing your crap? Nobody gives a rats ass about what you say. Now I will no longer waste time even reading anymore of your post.

    It would be great if W-E would add an ignore author button.

  • Jeremy

    Thank you StocktonJoe. you saved me a rant….i agree completely

  • me

    I think this article is 100% bullshit.

  • Shawn O B

    they’re mad because Beth is going? they weren’t using her so i dont believe this at all.

  • mtlhitman

    Since when wrestling fan worry more about the guy in is personal life then the wrestler that was created by wwe i seriously dont care what the fuck they do outside wrestling this generation is all about following everything they do outside of the ring like a freaking reality show go watch big brother or jersey shore.If he ever end up elsewhere well he pay is dues he gave everything he had yeah i know even is neck but he still should go elsewhere like that because before paying is dues and breaking is body he was a joe blow mr nobody he is a star because of wwe we can’t remove that part of is wrestling career and it suck’s’beth leaving but if she comeback later that would be great diva’s’division need her.HoH better be good like ecw was or edge apperance wouldn’t make a difference lol he might come back after and sign that legend deal.Hope he is not going to tna to look like an old fuck like hogan and sting end up i like both of them but i dont like what i see with wrestlers who need to retired 4 ever and only make apperence.

  • Baz

    WWE just wants to completely own you and if you stick up for yourself there like a spoilt kid who cant play the playstation

  • Dave

    Can anyone tell me, is he allowed to use the Edge name when he appears for other promotions? Or does he have to go as Adam Copeland since WWE own the trademark for the name Edge?

  • SYM

    Nigger please he’s a talentless idiot, he always sucked, never sold anything and terrible on the mic

  • Dan

    If there really was heat on him for not signing a Legends contract, and they wanted him to sign it that badly, surely they would have made it one of his conditions when being inducted into the HOF, especially as the headline act.

  • StocktonJoe

    Edge was contracted to WWE. Edge fulfilled his obligations to WWE. WWE fulfilled its’ obligations to Edge. Edge walks away – no harm no foul. To whine, “Edge owes us …..” is just garbage.

    And now it is Edge’s fault that Beth Phoenix is leaving RAW at the end of her contract??? She MUST be leaving WWE to take care of her man after his surgery??? When the hell did THAT become a BAD thing??????? She fulfilled her contract. She’s not re-signing (I HOPE it’s a temporary thing, but if she’s taking heat about it she could decide “fuck it, it’s not worth it). Again, no harm no foul.

    “But they OWE us ……” Uh, no they don’t. They fulfilled the terms of their respective contracts. They didn’t resign.

    Edge didn’t resign because his health and things like being able to walk and play with his children and grandchildren are more important to him than the WWE.

    Beth didn’t resign because taking care of her man is more important to her than the WWE. Or because being treated with respect by her employer (and having to job to the Bellas or Alicia Fox IS disrespecting her) is more important to her than the WWE.

    Get Over It.

  • cc

    To be fair, all this talk of him having heat is probably bullshit. There may be a few nobodies who feel slighted by him, but you can bet your bottom dollar WWE will continue to off him appearances here and there. If he had heat, they wouldnt bother contacting him all the time.

  • KingAlbert

    I don’t give a care what Edge does now, i won’t watch him outside WWE, i want to remember him as the Rated r superstar. if he wants to beomce a Ric flair or Kurt, i won’t be watching his shit.

  • Jimbo

    Vince thinks he can own anything forever.

  • KingAlbert

    Lol, If he goes to TNA he will be like Kurt, another drug addict that was in WWE.

  • D2K

    Max nailed it. A guy that literally gave everything he had for the business (including his health) can do what he wants with his life afterwards. I don’t know how much money they offered him, but if they were truly interested in keeping him around instead of keeping him FROM going somewhere else they would have come up a little bit more.

  • Buttercastle

    There’s quite a difference between simply making an appearance somewhere and signing a contract and wrestling with another company. Edge retired because his body is no longer suitable for the sport, no need for people to be so upset that he’s showing up at anywhere that doesn’t have WWE in the name. He’s simply doing it for the fans.

  • d

    He broke his neck for them he owes them nothing

  • mtlhitman

    Okay i do understand that he is not wwe property anymore but the fact is Edge,Cenan,undertaker,austin,the rock,cmpunk are not international stars and do not draw any money if they stayed where there started as a bunch of nobody’s’wwe make u star they give u that tv time in front of all.He was under wwe contract when he quit for his health problem.He got back on tv , they give him a hall of fame and offer him some good cash for a legend deal.WWE i guess just feel bad about the situation.Kurt Angle said he was done with wrestling he had to recover he was hurt bruised and he signed with tna so lol they see him going to hoh and signing autograph his girlfriend leave in two weeks i would start asking some question if i was wwe management.

  • Max

    the guy can do whatever he wants. Wrestlers aren’t wwe’s property, much less when they aren’t even employed anymore.