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First Details On Upcoming Chris Benoit Movie – WWE Stars To Be Portrayed

SRG Films’ upcoming film Crossface retelling Chris Benoit’s descent into double murder and suicide will feature actors portraying his wrestling peers.

“Eddie [Guerrero] is obviously very important to the story,” Sarah Coulter tells, who has already written the first draft of the script. “Triple H, Kurt Angle, they’re all there, but it’s early and things can still change.”

Regarding whether the film will be a biopic, Coulter says, “Chris had a remarkable career. You take a look at his time in Japan and with Stu Hart, and you realize that you’d need more than one movie to tell the entire Chris Benoit story. Ultimately, it’s about the 2007 murders/suicide, so we had to pick and choose the right moments in Chris’ career that may have been factors in his downfall.”

Coulter adds several actors are under consideration for the lead role and that an official casting announcement will be made soon.

  • Justin Sane

    Without an eye witness account I believe the story will be based on speculation. The police evidence can only show so much, no one truly knows what happened in that house. I hate seeing a childs death become somebodies pay check. I would hope that the proceeds of this film be donated to an anti domestic violence program.

  • JIR

    you are very on point especially on the last part anyone at anytime can snap and do something drastic. We all know the physical health aspect has a big effect on everyone so we should all be more health conscious and look out for each other sometimes one can’t see there is a problem and they need to hear it from others

  • the rim Job

    and Hitler was a good painter

  • Devil_Rising

    I don’t have much respect left in my heart for Vince McMahon Jr. But I will say that he wasn’t totally to blame for Chris’ condition. However, they should be checking wrestlers for concussions and post concussion syndrome after every single match. Period. That alone is being complicit in the murders.

    But I still think this movie is sensationalist bullshit, cashing in on a very painful, dark and horrible tragedy. What are Chris Benoit’s other children, who are already no doubt scarred and traumatized over what their father did, supposed to think, how are they supposed to feel, seeing a film about what he did? They don’t need to see that. And neither does anyone else.

    I’ll take the word of the people who knew Benoit best, his close friends, like Chavo, like Jericho, like Lance Storm, like Dean Malenko, etc., when they say he was one of the nicest and greatest guys you’ll ever meet. Something bad happened in his mind and in his heart, and the brain damage he suffered from too many concussions he garnered while, keep in mind, ENTERTAINING US ALL, unhinged what would usually be closed shut in most of us, and he snapped. It’s sad, and certainly something to learn from. But this film isn’t going to “educate” anyone. It’s just going to make a quick buck being a Lifetime Television for Women movie of the Week.

    In all honesty, what happened to Chris could happen to anyone. Anyone. You never know what life might bring your way, what might cause the pain and bullshit we ALL deal with on a daily basis, to become too much to bare. People snap for a lot of reasons, and it’s not always as black and white as “oh, they were just a bad person”. Most times, that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

  • StudDog

    @Tombstonepiledriver @LLKelly @JIR

    Have to say I agree with you three and a few others here. As for me and my family we will not watch this movie. I refuse to help anyone make money off of such a tragic story. I loved Benoits work but there is no excuse for the horrible things he did to his family.
    Nobody in his right mind would try to blame this on McMahon or anyone in the WWE.


  • JIR

    wait a minute there @1919dpg so Vince didn’t ban headshot from objects, limit high flying moves for a little while there, then he established the Wellness Policy, he is still paying rehab for anyone that has ever worked for WWE in ring,corporate,road crew, he even had the company to stop mentioning Benoit to circumvent the story. now tell me what else can he do?

  • KGM Da Master

    I hope they explain how Vince was behind the murders of Benoit, O. Hart, Pillman, Hawk, etc. This is nothing new but wrestling fans wont open their eyes to the tragedies their witnessing as “accidents” or “mental breakdowns.” Each one of those stars hinder progress to Vince’s golden boys, who Im going to keep secret. Its a dirty industry, if u dont like it, peace.

  • LLKelly

    I used to say, I didnt know Chris the person just the wrestler, but still I cant bring myself to watch his work, even the bootleg Japan tapes I used to study as an aspiring wrestler. Fact is what he did in the last three days of his life trumps what he did before it. He vicislously killed a 7 year old kid, and his wife. For those that play the dementia card, he had a sound enough mind to call the office and make up some bullshit excuses, added to the fact that he had shown violence to his wife well before this incident. I have my own theory about what happened that weekend, a theory I figure makes him less of a monster, but fact is there is no good light to put on it, regardless of how or why he is a monster and because of that his accomplishments will always be overshadowed and rightfully so. It is insane to me how anyone could think his life should be celebrated at any level, and hopefully this movie won’t act as a tribute to that peice of crap but more as a positive message about family violence, deirected at preventing it.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    I’m not telling anyone else not to watch this movie, you can make up your own mind. But for me personally I just think it would be to painful. I was a huge Benoit fan and I am still a huge fan of his wrestling work and thats just the way I want to remember him. I in no way condone what he did, I understand he had developed a mental illness and I also know about the drugs his so called Doc. was prescribing but I stand by my statement that there is absolutely no excuse for ever harming a child.

  • 1919dpg

    the only thing positive about this movie is that it could educate the public on what really happened. people need to realize benoit had extreme damage done to his brain and that ultimately was his downfall.. he wasn’t a roided up monster.

    it’s vince and the medias fault for people thinking it was roid rage..
    vince should have manned up accepted the evidence and take the necessary steps to make things safer. which he apparently has BUT the general public has no idea!

  • i wont watch it

  • Wellsy


    That’s the risk I guess.

    After reading some of the hyperbole posted after my message, I think it’s actually important that this film is made. The story NEEDS telling because quite frankly people are making up their own stories based on few facts, telling them to other people, and then they believe it. It’s Chinese Whispers.

    My only worry is whether the director has the ability and knowledge to tell the story properly in an unbiased way.

    At the end of the day, there are countless numbers of films/documentaries about 9/11. I think that is a “slightly” bigger tragedy than the Benoit case, yet people find it OK for them to be published.

  • JIR

    I hope this movie has a positive message that its not going to be used to make money of a tragedy and I would love to know why Benoit did what he did. Sadly I just don’t want to hear the bs every other media outlet will put out on this because I know they will tarnish the Benoit Family even more

  • mattnichollsFEAR

    I see it being a great, powerful movie, like a very dark and more emotional version of ‘THE WRESTLER’. Should it be made? No. Does it need to be made? Yes. If its done right, people need to see that he was a good man, who fell into a very dark place towards the end. I for one, am looking forward to this movie and I’ll be very interested to see who is cast.

  • Soulshroude

    “Ultimately, itโ€™s about the 2007 murders/suicide.” Can we say exploitation for sensationalism!?

  • MJ

    If they can make a movie out of a guy killing people and eating their body parts then they can make a film of a guy who was an amazing wrestler but if you ask any person who isn’t a wrestling fan at all they would call him the guy who killed his wife and child.

    Hell if somebody who worked at walmart killed his wife and kid nobody would give a fuck about where he worked he would just e a murder! The guy is a murder you can dislike this post or not you know im right.

    Do i think they should show benoit’s wrestling videos? Hell yes! People like Jay Lethal, Bryan Danielson, Harry smith all wanted to be wrestlers because of benoit!

    Am i gonna watch this? Not really because i am a fan of benoit’s work but it was to much hearing about my second favorite wrestler next to eddie guerreo dying.

  • chronoxiong

    Is Vince going to allow this? I mean, his own characters are going to be used in this film.

  • MW

    Devil_Rising’s comment was spot on.

  • Justin sane

    I will not watch this movie. It’s completely classes, distasteful & disrespectful. It disgust me that anyone would want to make money off this tragedy.

    @devil_rising I agree with you 110%.

  • Wildeye

    Sandman if anyone you know ended up with brain damage and were not able to be themselves would you say you hate them or disrespect them? you sit there and say those who like him are not very smart? Before putting people down look into the facts. I keep sayin it over and over. i will not stop saying it. THE AMOUNT OF HITS TO HIS HEAD CAUSED HIM TO HAVE SOME BRAIN DAMAGE WHICH CAUSED HIM TO SNAP OR EVEN BLACKOUT. It was proven by specialists from Harvard with permission from Benoits dad when they did studies on his brain. I know what had happened was the saddest thing in the wrestling history. you have your opinions and no one should put you down for them so dont sit there sayin people are not smart for havin their own opinions. Knowin some one might insult me or try to make fun of me I ask people to look up brain damage. no one is the same when they get head injuries constantly

  • Devil_Rising

    I’m sorry, but this is one instance where I would agree with WWE suing the living shit out of the makers of this film. Not just WWE, but the wrestlers who they are hiring actors to portray, and the family of both Benoit and his wife. Then again, I have a feeling it was his wife’s family who “sold the rights” to the story in the first place.

    But regardless, this story doesn’t need to be told. At all. Chris Benoit was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, who obviously had personal demons and problems, that fomented inside a mind that suffered one too many concussions, which lead to severe demensia, which is what they ultimately ruled probably caused the tragedy.

    To make a movie out of it, at all, is shitty, cheap, and classless exploitation, plain and simple. I hope the filmmakers get sued so by by all parties involved, that that shit can’t even get released.

  • Dante Gabriel

    If I wanted another movie about a guy snapping and killing his family, I’d watch The Shining or Amityville Horror.

  • Jon

    Exactly ^. This movie is to made to make a message.

  • Wellsy

    The movie will hopefully go along way to educating the public on what actually happened. The first thing they think of when they see “wrestler kills family and self” is usually “roid rage”. You know it’s not true, I know it’s not true, and the police reports show different also. But the wider public are not only unaware, they are pretty happy to have made their own conclusion.

    Even if a small percentage from outside the wrestling world see this, at least that small percentage will think “OK, not everything is drug related”. Even a large percentage of those that watch wrestling will probably think its drug related until they see this.

    It’s all about educating the public whilst telling a story. It’s not there to demonise wrestling otherwise it would be pointless as no-one would watch. We can all sit and bury our heads in the sand, or put our fingers in our ears and cover our eyes but it won’t erase the fact that this happened. I think the fact that the WWE have tried to erase history is a ridiculous way to deal with the situation. It should have been addressed, and it should have had a learning outcome attached publicly. The business destroyed his mind. Tell the public what you’re going to do to prevent this happening again and help those who are struggling. They’ve banned head shots. How many wrestling fans know this? Most people I know who watch wrestling don’t do the Internet stuff and just think wrestling’s gone soft.

    If we all pretend something hasn’t happened, nothing will be truly learned and the lives of three people will have been lost for absolutely nothing.

  • Jon

    My opinion. This movie might be good if the proceed goes to domestic violence or family violence adviocde groups ALL OF IT. If the message is correct this might be wake up call in America. But if not it just greed.

  • WeAreOne

    I can’t belive that they are making a movie of this. Like all the people who know or care about wrestleing know of this and we don’t want to be reminded of how he died.

  • Bill

    I love how the head writer is explaining the Beniot movie to a website called “”. That says a lot.

  • d

    wwe might not cut benoit out completely out on the wwe network on the best of nitro dvd they did leave him in some segments i’m sure it depends on what they are showing

  • yelissa

    I do not even think he killed his family believe someone killed the three and left all the evidence to make it appear that it was he.

  • Jimbo

    If this a movie that approaches the situation non-objectively and just tells the story, it will be great. If it’s just an excuse to demonize the wrestling industry to make a quick buck, then it will suck.

  • GreasyRabbit75

    The ending of one’s life does not negate all that came before it. Do I hold Benoit up as an example of a great man? Hell no. But as an example of a great wrestler? Absolutely. It cannot be denied that he left behind an awesome body of work that deserves to be acknowledged. Revising history and pretending that Benoit didn’t exist does not undo the tragedy of what happened.

  • Matt

    Kurt Angle will prolly audition to play himself ๐Ÿ˜›

  • sandman

    Benoit is a peace of trash and I have no more respect for the guy I use to like him but after what he did I hope he rots in hell and people he say they still like him arnt very smart and think wrestling is before life.

  • Splash

    I’ll watch it as curiosity will take over when it comes out. Great wrestler, horrible ending to 3 lives.

  • scooter

    holy shit this guy looks like he actually has a clue this might not be some biased piece of shit like the rest of the media was

  • Stashathan

    Just got to thinking. What is WWE going to do with all of the Benoit footage
    for the new WWE network? Wont it be kind of hard to show re-runs (if they do)
    of shows when Benoit was kind of a big part of some?

  • Ghost

    I’m a Benoit fan. Not because he killed his family and himself. But because he was a great wrestler and my inspiration. He worked hard and never let anything stop him. This movie is rediculous.