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Divas Tag Team Match Set for WWE’s WrestleMania 28

– Tonight’s episode of Extra opened up with WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres being held back by security from Maria Menounos as she was filming a segment for the show with Kelly Kelly.

They later showed footage of Menounos introducing and interviewing Kelly Kelly. Kelly talked about Beth Phoenix being her WrestleMania competition before showing a clip of Eve and Beth walking into the interview to interrupt. Maria brought up how she pinned Beth Phoenix before and they aired the footage.

Beth grabbed Menounos by the chin and demanded an interview but was pulled back by security. Eve and Beth challenged Maria to a match at WrestleMania 28 and Kelly promised to have her back in an apparent tag match.

Source: PWInsider

  • Davey Zoo

    I have no idea who she is neither now or when she guest hosted and I assume the same could said about my fellow Brits or anybody else from outside USA so what’s the point?

  • Sting

    well hell that just sealed it…i think ill spend the 60 dollars to see this now……lol

  • Houndy

    Let’s hope this ‘match’ will take place just before the big three. Perfect timing for that mid-PPV piss break and just enough time to grab a beer.

  • The Great One.

    What the fuck is extra?

  • Johnavan Shwarzanegger

    Layla woouldve been much better then maria or kelly. such a useless match

  • Devil_Rising


    So they’ve gone from “Miss Wrestlemania” Matches being won buy a GUY, basically stating that all the actual females are worthless, to having Snookie in a match, and now this.

    Yeah. WWE cares about Women’s Wrestling. My ass.

  • Albert

    My only hope is for Kharma to come out at the end of the match and take out Eve and stare at Beth!! Its WM and we need something BIG

  • ahhhhhhhh……Why?????

  • Prince

    @kamal’s foot
    how the hell is this gonna increase buys? No one gives a shit about Maria Menounos. You honestly think people will buy WM just to see here in a 3 min match? Give me a fucking break. If they were gonna bring someone from the outside it should’ve been Trish to have her wrestle Beth. Now that would’ve increased buys.

  • Wow

    ^ Nobody here gives a crap about buys. It’s a stupid match. Have Beth vs Kharma or Natalya w/ that Maria chick as referee or something if they want to boost buys.

  • Matt

    @kirby4321 plus where gonna have a few 10 min rock promos

  • Matt

    Who cares its gonna be boring anyway like every other divas match NEXT!!

  • kitkrock

    The title of this thread should be Toilet Break Tag Team Match Set for WWE’s WrestleMania 28

  • ogitchida


  • SusyRko

    @Whalebosk from “Laura in America”

  • Prince

    Pointless shit. If they were gonna have a Divas match and Kharma couldn’t compete it should’ve been Beth vs. Natalya. Anything else is dumb.

  • kirby4321

    Since the 3 Main event’s are going to be between 25-30 minutes…

    Just subtract 30-25=5 That’s how long this match will be.. or less..

  • mabry

    Dumb…. What about Natalya???….

  • Whalebosk

    Where they get some of these ideas from I’ll never know. SO pointless.