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Edge Discusses John Cena’s Role and If Wrestling Is Too Scripted Today

– 2012 WWE Hall of Famer Edge recently spoke with Aint It Cool News to promote his new WWE Studios movie. Here are a few of the highlights:

If wrestling is too scripted today: “I think to an extent. I think you can tell the guys that do adlib. I was happy with the fact that I was one of those guys and Jericho was one of those guys and Punk is one of those guys. The guys who are good at it you can tell. I do also think that there’s always that little bit of rose tinted glasses. People look back so fondly on it, but if you look back at some of those promos and you almost wished that they could have had someone to reign it in, because a lot of them are rambling and nonsensical. [Interviewer brings up The Ultimate Warrior] Man, like ‘What’s going on?’ But here’s the thing, the programming changed. Okay, so when I’m growing up there’s one hour on Saturday mornings to fill. There’s a whole lot more content to have to fill now, so now you have a lot more speaking. There wasn’t such a thing as a ten minute promo before. There wasn’t. That wasn’t the case. It would be a quick cut back to Mean Gene talking to Sid Justice for 45 seconds.”

If John Cena gets a real deal from fans: “I think what it is honestly is he has been told he is the one that’s supposed to take this role. I think there has to be that guy and I think he’s been given that role and he’s making sure that he sticks to it and he’s probably being told to stick to it, like ‘You are going to be the face of this. You need to be the guy that we can take to sponsors. You need to be the guy that’s not dangerous for kids to watch. You need to be that guy’ and in doing that sure it will pigeonhole him and alienate him to a certain audience, but looking at the broader picture a lot of the audience does like what he does. I mean think about it, back when I was growing up Hulk Hogan was this huge hero and if he did what he did then now it’d be the same reaction. He would be getting booed out of the building, so there needs to be that guy and John just happens to be that guy.”

  • Shaye

    Creative team need to make Cena a top heel like they did with HHH in 2000. Then build a current heel Superstar to a baby face and get him to rise to main event status then WWE will have themselves a new #1 merchandise seller

  • Antoine

    Dude u obviously dont know how the wrestling business works i mean like edge said there always has to be that one guy thats a boyscout if u remember cena WAS a heel a longgg while back wit his chain gang gimmick but then u got people like the rock dissing his dr of thugonomics gimmick saying how can u be gangsta if u went to prep school so i mean what kind of heel do u expect cena to be since he really cant go back to that gimmick not to mention if u remember THE ROCK HIMSELF was that guy for soooo many years i dont see people complaining about how rob van dam or rey mysterio or better yet THE UNDERTAKER(who hasnt been a heel in how knows long)is too much of a face but ohhhh john cena is the one exception like people kill me wit that i mean the guy has a huge fanbase yet idiots want him to turn heel so what john cena is going to starr wearing black jean shorts and put his hat backwards and maybe youll be satisfied if u ask me it wont make a damn difference cuz either way he gets booed

  • Devil_Rising

    I don’t know about that. Hogan seems like kind of a tool (or at least a bit of an idiot) as a person, but I think there was something real about his character that people resonated with. Plus it was cheesy as hell, which seems to be endearing. Cena’s “character” (or complete lack of one), comes off as forced and phoney. He keeps one saying how “fans can boo or cheer me all they want, it’s their right” and all this “good guy” stuff. Please. They need to turn Cena heel again. If for no other reason, than because it would shake things up and give them the ratings they’re after. Sure, they’d lose merch sales. But that’s why they’ve got a guy like CM Punk, who DOESN’t come off as forced of phoney, who also happens to outsell Cena in merch now sometimes.

    So duh. Turn Cena heel. Or get him off TV. Either way, the booing isn’t going to stop.