ThunderStruck: NXT Redemption Analysis 03/07/12

We open NXT with Matt Striker in the ring. Striker says every match on the card tonight has been made by William Regal. Regal gets in the ring. Regal says he is here to give us the best possible show we can see. He announces Percy Watson and Titus O’Neill one on one for the main event of the night. He is interrupted by Maxine, who comes to the ring. Maxine tells Regal she is looking forward to working underneath him. He says he is looking forward to seeing Maxine in action tonight against Tamina Snuka. That match is now!



Maxine shoves Tamina. Tamina shoves Maxine to the ground. Maxine goes for a rollup and gets a one count. Maxine with a hair pull to the ground on Tamina. Tamina whips her off the rope but Maxine stops herself. Tamina knocks Maxine over with a chop. Maxine runs from Tamina and gets the upper hand with a kick to Tamina s she gets back in the ring. Maxine goes psycho with the hair pulling on Tamina. She throws her in the corner and chokes Tamina with her boot. Snapmare and a ground headlock on Tamina. Tamina fights her way out of the hold but Maxine slams her to the ground. Maxine dives from the middle rope at Tamina but misses. Tamina hits the samoan drop and the superfly splash for the three count.

^I’d like to see William Regal talk a little bit more. The guy has always been funny with his approach towards people. Maxine dominated this match right up until the end. I’m surprised at how well she did. Tamina had to win though because she’s the veteran and needs to work her way back to Raw and Smackdown. I’d like to see more action from her besides the samoan drop and superfly splash.

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks come to the ring together. Looks like Reks is the one in action tonight. Hawkins says last week Striker was supposed to announce him as being in charge of the show, not William Regal. Reks talks about Regal on NXT as sitting at the table and flapping his gums because he and Striker are has beens that can’t get it done in the ring. Regal gets up from his seat and grabs a microphone. Regal says he’ll choose to ignore their speech. He says if they want to get back in the ring next week, he has another job for them. He says they are whatever he wants them to be after the way they’re treated Striker and the rest of NXT. He says the only thing they are good enough to be is toilet cleaners. He says they can choose not to do it or he never has to book them on NXT ever again, but it is entirely up to them. Regal says it’s time for osme real action.

^Hawkins and Reks should be on regular tv. It’s also fun watching them on NXT in this role. I’m expecting them to tag against Regal and Striker eventually.

Yoshi Tatsu comes to the ring to take on the native of Westbrook, ME, Johnny Curtis. The crowd seems to like Tatsu. These two wrestle a decent match. Tatsu with a flying knee, running snapmare and then a kick to the head of Curtis but only gets a two count. He misses a big kick and Curtis runs him into the corner and pummels him. Curtis puts Tatsu on the middle rope and goes for a superplex. Tatsu knocks him off the rope and Tatsu goes up top but misses a spinning heel kick. Curtis hits a sitdown suplex for the three count on Tatsu. Regal gives Curtis a grade A for the match, despite being a strange individual.

^Nice solid wrestling match here from these guys. Curtis seems to be a pretty decent wrestler. Tatsu would be fun to watch more often too.

Backstage segment with Tyson Kidd, Michael McGillicutty and Striker. Kidd says he’s been wanting a rematch all week. McG says he isn’t getting one. They go to shoving and Kidd knocks McG to his knees. Kidd tells him to let him know about the rematch.

^I want to see more of these two after their match last week.

Another backstage segment with Johnny Curtis, Maxine, and Bateman. Maxine wants Bateman jealous so she’s all over Curtis. Bateman’s looking for Kaytlin. They say isn’t here tonight, but they have a mixed tag next week with Bateman and Kaytlin taking on Maxine and Curtis. Bateman bumps into Rex and Hawkins and Bateman tells Reks he stinks. Hawkins and Reks run into Watson and he tells them they missed a spot.

^Some good acting here from the NXT guys. That mixed tag next week should be a fun match.

The Usos are out next. Jey Uso has a one on one match with Darren Young. They lock up with Young getting the upper hand in the corner. Uso with two chops and two kicks to take Young down for a two count only. Uso with a bodyslam followed by another two count. Young with a knee to the gut and a running takedown block. Young follows it up with a running slam on Uso. Backbreaker next but only gets a one count. Young with a back suplex and another two count on Jey. Young stomps on Uso and hits him in the head as he hangs him over the ring apron on the outside. Young with a slingshot on Jey on the bottom rope. Looked painful. Young with another two count. He locks his legs around Uso’s waist and stays on the ground. Jey fights out. Young goes for two more pin attempts but gets a two count both times. Young with a knee to the back on Jey and slaps him in the back of the head twice. Young with a choke submission as he applies pressure to Uso’s back with his knee. Uso fights out but Young whips him into the corner. Uso counters out with two running clotheslines and a spinning takedown on Young. Uso misses a corner dive on Young and Young rolls him up into a school boy for the three count victory.

^Decent match overall. Young looks impressive again this week. I wonder if the Usos will ever win the tag titles.

Percy Watson and Titus O’Neill go one on one in our main event. What do you want to bet that neither one of these guys ever holds the WWE Title? These two put on an impressive match ends up with Watson hitting a flapjack slam on O’Neill for three count victory. Reks and Hawkins come down and attack Watson after the match. Reks gets on the mic as Hawkins tosses Watson out of the ring. Reks tells Regal to consider his mess cleaned up. Reks says he and Hawkins are just getting started. Regal is shown staring at them both as the show goes off the air.

^Watson and O’Neill put on a decent match, but you can clearly see the athleticism attribute in favor of Watson. The guy is somewhat bouncy in the ring compared to O’Neill. It was a solid main event. Hawkins and Reks will be the reason Regal steps in the ring sooner rather than later. Can’t wait to see that, either.

Solid show from NXT all around once again this week. I’ll have the rest of the reviews this week and the first special edition for March up by Tuesday at the latest. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me

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