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Eric Bischoff Calls Bret Hart A “Sad, Bitter Person”, TNA Star Shaves His Head

— Eric Bischoff, who once considered Bret Hart a friend, now views “The Hitman” in a negative light. When asked for comment on the legendary wrestler on Twitter, he responded, “Another sad, bitter person. Too many of them in this business.”

Bischoff made similar comments two years ago during an interview with Monday Night Mayhem shortly after Hart railed the TNA Wrestling executive producer and Hulk Hogan via Twitter: “I feel sad for Bret, because Bret is one of those people, and there are a lot of them, he’s the type of person that needs someone to hate in order to feel significant himself.”

— Kazarian will sport an all-new look when he competes in tonight’s Lethal Lockdown match at TNA Lockdown. The TNA veteran cut off his trademark long hair as he appeared at Saturday’s Lockdown Fanfest with a shaved head.

— TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries turns 34 years old today. He will celebrate his birthday by competing in Lethal Lockdown tonight at TNA Lockdown.


    Copy taker and cut your hair off but you cant copy him and have a great cage match

  • PinkSinCara

    Bret might not be the most happy-go-lucky person in the world, but he’s been delt a rather shitty hand when it comes to his personal life. In wrestling, he’s a legend and one of the best ever. Bischoff is a tool and will say anything negative once something unfavorable is spoken of him. Bischoff is also the type of person who will NEVER admit when he’s wrong and will make excuses for everything. It’s funny…the only two wrestling related books I ever had an interest in reading were Bret’s and Bischoff’s. Bret’s was amazing. Bischoff’s was complete shit

  • Angry Benny

    So is Eric taking stabs at Bret Hart? I mean this is a no win for him, he is bitter due to deaths in family and friends, his amount of pain in his life is unbearable, but he gets by, Bischoff just like to write shit online to make some controversy over nothing, I know when Bischoff dies I’m gonna be tap dancing on his grave

  • Mark

    maybe if you treated him right in WCW. You would have a diffrent opinion. Eric Bischoff is only interested in himself and Hogan

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    “he’s the type of person that needs someone to hate in order to feel significant himself.”

    Bischoff is the type of person who needs his head up Hogan’s ass to feel significant.

  • To be fair to bret all that he has been through in his life you can’t expect him to be the happpiest person in the world and eric bitchoff showing once again that he’s a giant douche with a big mouth

  • Damien Phoenix

    Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know you had Bret’s life Bischoff o.O

  • Andrew

    I would have agreed with Bischoff had he said this a few years ago. I feel though that Bret has forgiven a lot of people and has learned to let things go more so now than years prior.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Bret lost a lot of friends from wrestling, including his brother (which could and should have been prevented) and brother-in-law. The whole Hart family seems dysfunctional, most of the family hates him and each other. Throw in a couple of strokes, and getting used to once being the top guy there was in wrestling to watching from the sidelines the past decade plus.

    He does sound bitter at times, but I am sure he has been through a lot that most of cannot relate to. Sure we’ve all lost close people in ours lives, but wrestling has taken the lives of so many at such young ages. Also none of us can relate to what it’s like to have the popularity and fortune Bret once had to being completely out of the picture. I am not disagreeing with Bishoff per se, I just feel like he’s got the attitude of “I’m above everything and better than everyone else” when there’s really no need for him to be saying anything. Bischoff seems enjoy Twitter.

  • 1919dpg

    bischoff is annoyed with bret because bret thinks tna is shit and that eric killed wcw.. that’s all.

    brets has always had that dull tone while speaking so i don’t think he’s depressed atm. hate is whole different issue but it seems he has gotten over most of his grudges especially the one with vince.

  • SYM

    I agree you can tell that Bret Hart is a Sad person inside. Just look at his Recent Appearances on WWE & listen to him talk on interviews he sounds miserable!