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Foley Appears on Podcast, Interesting Cena Stat, Casting for Redneck Island

-Mick Foley appeared on The Mike Hlas Podcast to promote his weekend comedy shows in Iowa. Foley will be performing in Burlington tonight, and in Cedar Rapids on Friday and Saturday.

-Casting for the third season of “Redneck Island”, hosted by Steve Austin, is underway. You can apply at

-The Q4 blog published an article about WWE using Twitter for investor-related information. The article notes that John Cena is the third most followed American athlete behind Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, according to WWE Senior Vice President of Investor Relations & Financial Planning Michael Weitz.

  • yeah all little kids most be on twitter. i am sick and tired of same crap from wwe. i am wrestling fan for over 2 decades. what made raw and wwe great. was unperdictable never know what going to happen feeling. wwe is very perdictable imo it is same put cena in every main event on raw. put him in every ppv mainevent. even thought cena is not wwe champion. imo who ever is wwe champion. is biggest thing in wwe. at that moment. i wish wwe would just quit putting cena in main events. have superman of wwe. hogan 2.0 just lose clean for 1-2-3 he never loses in ring for clean 1-2-3. would love for this generation hulk hogan. to put over talent lose clean. john cena is old and stale. john cena 2005 john cena of 2013 is same person. he needs new charcter change asap