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Goldust and Orton Receive Lockeroom Praise After RAW Bout, Vince Pulled From Last Night’s Show

— There were quite a few re-writes during last night’s RAW and at one point, Vince McMahon was muted to be a major part of the show.

— Both Goldust and Randy Orton received a standing ovation from the talent and crew as they went backstage after their match. On the angle between the McMahon’s and the Rhodes, Dusty could be involved in the storyline next, although not in a wrestling capacity (thankfully).

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  • Matthew Farrell

    I don’t watch the show so I think that’s a valid question.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Wow, I didn’t realize you had the authority to speak on behalf of EVERYONE. wanker

  • Small Fry

    it is nice that both Randy Orton and Gold dust both got a standing ovation after their match it was a great wrestling match both put in a great effort especially Gold Dust Wrestling for the first time in three years On Monday Night Raw I saw Gold Dust in person three years ago in 2010 at the Smack Down ECW show at the time he was great three years ago wrestling at the show he was great three years later in 2013 wrestling Randy Orton this week on Monday Night Raw. It was nice to see Gold Dust on Monday night raw for the first time in three years hope he gets to make more appearance’s to come How ever Did not like how he and his family was disrespected By Stephanie Mcmahon and triple H Gold Dust is a legend he is a generation wrester and grew up in WWE and through out wrestling
    Triple H and his wife Stephanie need to lose the egos and run Monday night raw and Friday night Smack Down like real professionals and they need to get more experienced general managers who know how to do their jobs and maybe Monday night raw and Friday Night Smack Down will be enjoyable shows to watch once again Something to think about or they will lose millions of viewers and I might add Triple H and his wife Stephanie have three daughters they need to set a better example for their daughters one day they will grow up and realize how bad mommy and daddy really are on WWE Television I feel sorry for their daughters if feeling sorry for anyone

  • valkyrieschains

    I *think* they were referring to The American Dream. As much as I am a nostalgia mark, he’s in my “Bless his heart” category. Come out and hang with the boys, Dusty..but keep the skivvies and sleeveless denim shirt…somewhere else.

  • LoganSR71

    I was thinking the same thing.
    Goldust is one of the most underrated wrestlers ever and honestly one of my favorites.

  • jedi

    exactly, epically considering most wrestling fans have been fans for years & remember EVERYTHING!!

  • Pat

    yeah i hate it when they go back on their stuff, like they think we forget what happened and whatnot

  • jedi

    to swerve us & not see HHH turn on DB, if they didnt do that little power struggle & they all felt the way about DB it would not have been a surprise then HHH turned.

    I just hate this whole scared of HHH’s regime, why not do like last year & have a pathetic “vote of no confidence” & walk out? I guess we should all just
    forget about that!

    Why did Show not punch HHH or the sheild in the face? Steph says the only limit to his iron clad contract is he has to preform his duty’s as in if he is booked in a match he has to wrestle (even though when bragging about the Iron he said that it stated he can walk off anytime) which means as long as he dosent refuse to wrestle he can do anything else he wants which would mean interfere in matches & such.

  • Pat

    what i meant was, why did they change their minds and whatnot? i was actually looking forward to it, which is rare lol

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I think they’ll have Shane or Linda come back and help DB.

  • It really is the same old shit, I’m sorry to say. Some people want to be totally positive about the whole thing and act like “this is the best storyline in a long time”. No, it’s really not. It’s the Corporation/McMahon-Helmsley Era all over again, regurgitated in some new form for the umpteenth time. I know it “brings ratings” allegedly, but they really need to just quit using HHH and any of the McMahons in storylines ever again. It’s like they don’t believe they can build up any other major heels that mean enough, when they certainly could if they cared to try.

    HHH is supposed to be “running things”, and McMahon is one foot into retirement (though he’ll never fully retire till he drops dead). They should not be on TV anymore, except for maybe just to appear once in awhile. Same with Stephanie. There’s literally no reason for them to be on TV. It’s just as old as the “bad guy GM” schtick they’ve been running in some fashion for years as well.

    Bryan Danielson being pushed to the top is great. Them only doing it because Cena is injured, and then having him lose the belt in a matter of minutes only to “chase” Orton for the title, while watching the invincible HHH faction beat him up every week…….is not. The fact that Cena most likely will be back in time for WM, and will in fact most likely face Champion Orton for the belt, while they probably end this stupid thing after too many months of TV, with Bryan beating HHH. Great. I hope I’m wrong, but they’re so predictable these days, that just honestly seems like the most plausible thing that will happen.

  • ssadasd

    Same thing that ruined it long ago, the McMahon-Helmsley Era. Same formula as before. Could be better than last time because both Stephanie and Triple H are more professionally seasoned and know more about the business and audience.

  • what?

    I think the reason Vince hasn’t been on tv sooner than later he will side with DB could be wrong .they need to do something because the storyline isn’t that great it’s been the same thing for weeks now

  • Kristopher Robinson

    What do you mean “Not in a wrestling capacity (thankfully).”?!

  • jedi

    Do you not watch the show? HHH turned on DB & gave Orton the belt, there for ending the McMahon family power struggle storyline.

  • Pat

    whatever happened to the power struggle storyline with the McMahon’s?