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Green Pay Packers at SmackDown Tonight, Players to Attend Revealed

TMZ have been told by a WWE source that several members of the Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers will be in attendance at the SmackDown taping tonight. The list so far includes Donald Driver, Graham Harrell, Donald Lee, Brandon Jackson, Scott Wells, Chris Campbell, Tom Crabtree, and Curtis Young.

Each player is set to get presented with a replica title belt and sit ringside. Before the taping, WWE is scheduling a meet and greet session with WWE stars for the Packers and their families.


    yeah i cot that one as well the other one i cot was at the tlc mach for the world title when he run to rey on he say “hijo de la chingada” yeah mexicans rule i like del rio only thing i like from the pg 13 S@#$%

  • SusyRKO

    hahah It wasn’t Alberto actually it was Rícardo Rodríguez the one who said ”Chinga tu madre” he do a lot of trash talk when he annunces Alberto, I always laugh with the things that he says

  • Thats not new guys.. Khali used to abuse a lot when speaking…

  • misfit del rio

    @ susyrko, right before he went through the ropes, trying to guilletine santino.

  • SusyRko

    Haha. A huevo cabrones! In what minute of the match did Alberto say ”chinga tu madre” ?


    The Green “Pay” Packers? Seriously, proofread

  • And you noticed until now?, I remember, one of the most memorable is when he teamed up with Kane last week (or was the week before?). When Kane left him abandoned, Del Rio screamed: “¿a donde vas CABRON?” (Where you goin’, you f#cker?). Or how about when he won the Royal Rumble (after throwing Santino), he clearly screamed “A huevo putos”… yeah, Vince clearly doesn’t understand spanish.

  • misfit

    I’ve never caught it, until last night, but Eddie used to say bad words all the time as well. I’m going to start to pay more attention to our future new “world heavyweight champion”. Arriba dales en su madre a esos gueyes,Del rio.

  • SusyRko

    Del rio always says bad in spanish , no mames , soy un chingon, Vince clearly don’t understand Spanish

  • allen

    haha did he really am gonna watch it again… tha t is so funny and by the way is not PG is like a “Fcku your mother”

  • misfit

    Way off topic, but for anyone who speaks or understands spanish, during del rio’s match last night was I the only one who caught the “chinga tu madre” to santino? Lmao man alberto is a funny man. Again I apologize but damn that was funny