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What Happened After SmackDown, WWE Looks at Potential Slater Wins, Matt Morgan

– Matt Morgan was asked on Twitter if he has signed with WWE. He replied with another cryptic tweet:

“well, I KNOW the answer to that one, and very soon EVERYONE WILL KNOW the answer. ‪#ChangeIsGood”

– There was no dark main event after last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Denver, Colorado. After the cameras stopped rolling, Alberto Del Rio came to the ring and started insulting the fans. This brought out World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus to shut him up with a Brogue Kick and send the fans home happy.

– WWE’s website has a list of former Superstars that Heath Slater would be able to defeat. They list Paul Roma, Jim Powers, Max Moon, Aldo Montoya, The Brooklyn Brawler, Damien Demento, “Iron” Mike Sharpe, The Blue Meanie, Gillberg and Barry Horowitz.

  • SYM

    Slater would Job to Gillberg No Doubt!

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I hope Morgan’s WWE run goes much better this time around, and hopefully it isn’t a disappointment like Tensai.

  • mabry

    Slater defeated the Brooklyn Brawler allready, just in a different costume!!!…
    btw, Paul Roma really looks like Chris Masters… are they related???…

  • Men on a Mission

    Um, today is Tuesday, last night was Monday. Are you telling us there was a Smackdown taping the same night as Raw Supershow, and that Alberto DelRio and Sheamus were on both shows? That’s crazy!! How did they do that?

  • Little Jimmy

    Heath Slater is a legend in the making BABY!

  • Whatever

    Lol, that’s pretty lame.
    bla bla bla>>>kick>>>bye, thanks for attending and good night.