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Hogan Comments on The Ultimate Warrior, Steve Austin To Interview Huge Name?

– Hulk Hogan tweeted the following about The Ultimate Warrior this morning:

“We talked,both forgave each other,we hugged ,we shook hands as we told each other I love you,I am so sad,God bless his beautiful family HH”

– WWE stars will be taking over tonight’s episode of The Soup. It airs on E! at 10pm EST.

– Steve Austin noted on his newest podcast that he and The Undertaker talked about doing a podcast interview soon. Austin said he’s looking to shoot the interview when he’s in Texas in a few weeks but said it depends on Taker’s health.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Well to me Hogan is a change man some where along the way he change his way. He buried a lot of bad blood in wrestling with Randy Savage and now the Warrior which is a good thing for me. Because I grew up a Hogan fan and nice to see Hogan finally making peace. It a real tough lost but we all got to say are good bye. Something tells me only a few may have known about Warrior health we will never know. I think Vince and HHH might have known because look at the way Warrior took at the Hall of Fame, Wrestlmania and on Raw did not look good at all. I am glad to see the Warrior end his life back at home in the WWE. I never like talking bad about the dead because we all going to be there some day. But just good to see Warrior go out on a awesome note.

  • oppa

    Hogan made peace with Savage, then he died all of a sudden. Now he makes peace with Warrior and he dies all of a sudden. It’s a strange coincidence.

  • ddfindl

    Can’t miss that podcast