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Honky Tonk Man Wants To Shoot With Eric Bischoff, Preview Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

– The longest reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion of all-time, The Honky Tonk Man, stated on Twitter this week that he would like to appear on Impact Wrestling.

After one-half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions, Kazarian, tweeted, “I wonder if @officialhtm knows how over he is with a lot of us in the @IMPACTWRESTLING locker room. He is the most quoted man by far!” he wrote in response, “Maybe #TNA needs some Shake Rattle & Roll!”

He added, “HTM in @impactwrestling LOL. 1 on 1 face off with Bitchoff. Mic to Mic shoot!”

– TNA Wrestling has released a video previewing tomorrow night’s World Heavyweight Championship Match at Bound For Glory between Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy.


– TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter tweeted the following regarding today’s events in Phoenix, Arizona: “Just waking up in beautiful Phoenix. Fan Interaction today and Sting’s Hall of Fame dinner tonight. It’s going to be a very special day.”

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @eric that right there is the problem, I used to feel like you, but I don’t now. Can’t you see that the young wrestlers of today ain’t got what it takes. Why do you think The King had his heart attack?? Why?? Because they didn’t have any young talent that was over enough to put up againts punk so they had to use a legend to have eyes watching, that’s why. Its cuz the young talent now a days just can’t cut it. So I say just bring on the shake, rattle, and roll!!!!! Even at his old age, I bet The HTM has more charisma then Orton, dibiase jr., sheamus, punk, kingston, otunga, del rio, r-truth, bryan, ziggler, sin cara, rhodes, cena, the crock, hhh, a matter of fact just throw in the whole RAW and SMACKDOWN! Roster. Except A.J Lee, I think you are the best thing going on wrestling today, a.j can say or do no wrong in my opinion. Xoxoxo to a.j lee from pasadena tx 🙂 much <3.

  • eric

    Don’t get ur hope up. honkey problem draw low rating. just as hulkster been doing for past 2 yrs. in low 1’s Htm never was draw in his prime of his pro wrestling career in late 80’s and early 90’s he was mid card guy who has ic title run. did no show to wcw starcade1994 18 yrs ago. aa arn anderson fill in as a last minute replacment to face johnny b badd for tv title in 1994. Also if htm never draw big ratings in his prime. meaning he was mid card guy. who only held one title. never drew ratings in his prime over 20 yrs ago. what makes u people think he going to do it now well into his 60’s? tna needs focus on young talent. quit hiring old guys who are not working. htm should just retired it is not 80’s anymore. tna looks more more like wcw everyweek. not wcw of 90’s that was competion for wwe. wcw of yr 2000 when they were on it’s last leg. ready to go out business. Then hulkster will run back to his pimp vince mcmahon. hog spotlight from young guys.

  • eric

    Yeah just what we need another hasbeen from 80’s who is broke. sucking tna dry. It is bad enough tna over past 2 yrs has had hasbeens like ric flair, nastyboys, scott hall, hulk hogan who is waste of air time and brings nothing good to show. he is not a big time ratings draw anymore. Yeah just what tna needs another old hasbeen living in past. stealing the spotlight from young talent. Tna please quir bringing in all hasbeen who are living in past. we the real pro wrestling fans. want young future stars of tommrow. Not old broken down old guys from yesterday. who are too stupid too hang up there boots. I want old tna back. before hogan and bischoff came in runied it!

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    Hell Yeah!!! That sounds like a good idea to me. The HTM is one of my all time favorite wrestlers, he is the best talker in the buisiness, and I’m sure that would help the ratings, fuck I know I’ll be watching. A matter of fact this deserves a petition, HTM to TNA!!!!!!

  • David

    Honky Tonk Man! Honky Tonk Man! Honky Tonk Man!
    Bring him in I would love to see HTM in TNA