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Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair Returns Imminent

– Having returned to training, Hulk Hogan may be re-appearing at this week’s TNA tapings. On his Twitter he said he was “Getting ready to go to Orlando.”

– Another return scheduled is Ric Flair at tonight’s TV tapings. The “Nature Boy” hasn’t been seen since the incident on the UK tour, which was over money. On the tour, Flair also injured his shoulder tearing his rotator cuff while wrestling Doug Williams. Sources had expected Ric Flair to undergo surgery, meaning he would have been out for around 4 months, but he has decided to skip it for now and return back to work.

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  • TomC

    Yah, gotta agree that this IS going to present a chink for TNA and boost the WM build-up viewership and buy-rate – ESPECIALLY if WWE pulls their heads out of their collective arses and starts utilizing Kevin Nash/Diesel

  • Anon GM

    Who cares about Hogan & Flair.
    THE ROCK just returned!!!!!!!!

  • TomC

    Ric Flair is so BORING now – even with the gratuitous blood flow that seems to pour from his scalp every week. How does that guy still have any non-scar tissue on his head?

  • charlemange

    I would rather have Flair back then Hogan

  • @RUSTY I thought yechiel would be ranting for sure on the 2 21 11 posts. We’ll see him next week.


    i cant wait for the yechiel rant, hes been quiet for too long.

    my favorite has to be the most contradicting and annoying poster ever KGM DA MASTER. keep an eye out for him.

  • You know, I think I’m going to refer to Hogan as “my favorite pathetic geezer” just like yechiel’s favorite pathetic geezer is the Undertaker. BTW yechiel, one more week until he returns. 2 21 11

  • Vinny


    I guess