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Hulk Hogan Holds a Meeting with TNA Talents, Bound For Glory Updates

– TNA has announced that the location of this year’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view will be announced on tomorrow morning at 7am EST. The announcement will be hosted by SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores and Sting will be appearing. The location will reportedly be Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

– Hulk Hogan reportedly held a meeting with TNA talents on Tuesday before the Impact Wrestling tapings, where he stressed that everyone needs to step up their games when it comes to telling stories in the ring. Apparently this is a common theme of Hogan’s in meetings. It’s said that the talents on Tuesday weren’t very receptive to the speech as they’ve heard it all before. Dixie Carter asked the roster if anyone had questions and nobody did. It was noted that Vince Russo and his sidekick Matt Conway were the only two people not in attendance for the meeting.

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  • Myers

    They would probably step there game up if they thought that it would actually make a difference to anybody running the show.

  • dx

    i agree with effmenow i also try so hard to support tna with everything and i feel like every thursday i dvr it and say ill give them another chance this week and its just so repitive i cant lie i like the sting and hogan angle but i mean come on i saw this before i want more x division more pope more matt morgan those guys can make the company huge

  • Marky Mark

    Carter and Hogan are trash. Bischoff and Russo i don’t mind too much.

  • Devil_Rising

    Why does Russo always have a “sidekick”? He did in WWF, then WCW, now WCW2.0. funny.

  • venom

    I think Hogan’s meeting was about how many different ways talent can put him over.

  • Jay EZ

    Hogan doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He is no help. Nor is Bischoff. They may own some records regarding Impact ratings. But they also own the worst ratings’ records too. They also lost Kong & others to WWE & ROH.

  • CC

    Hogan needs to learn how to tell a story in the ring before he starts telling others what to do. fucking idiot.
    Also, is it any surprise that nobody is receptive about these meetings? I mean, despite Hogans legitimate status as an icon of the industry, the shit he has been involved in over the years is well documented, especially how him and his cronies put themselves above the company they worked for, and destroyed it from the inside.
    And also, who the fuck takes Dixie seriously these days?
    Initially fans liked her because she put in a much needed cash injection that allowed them to take the show abroad and get on tv etc, but since then she has done nothing to warrant being listened to, and has made mistake after mistake after mistake.

    People can say that anyone who complains about TNA is a WWE mark, but thats not true as a lot of fans who are pissed off with TNA, were either loyal TNA fans, are pissed off with both or see WWE as the slightly better option if they have to watch one show to get a wrestling fix.

    I still say, despite “wrestling matters” and “wrestling is a dirty word”, WWE still puts on more wrestling matches in any of its shows than TNA does.

  • White mark

    And wrestlers who arent over 40 in the main event and push the homegrown talent. Fuck all the fat overweight, irrelavant old men

  • Effmenow

    I try so hard to support Impact Wrestling but Hulk Hogan makes it so hard for me sometimes.

    We want more X Division.

  • Omar

    Telling stories inside the ring eh? Hogan should worry about telling stories to media outside the ring.

  • V-R-A

    Whaaaa? Hogan can’t sway a roster anymore? SHOCKING! JUST SHOCKING! ~~~Not!