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Hulk Hogan Retweets Strange Comment About Brooke, Sky Teaming With Sabin

— On Twitter, Hulk Hogan posted the following fan message Friday: “@HulkHogan Hey hulk I went ballsdeep on Brooke!Could I get a retweet!”

Meanwhile, former TNA Knockout Daffney has continued retweeting anti-Brooke messages on hers, including “I heard Dixie replaced (Alissa Flash), (Awesome Kong), (Daffney) and (Roxxi) w/Brooke Hogan. Talk about trading in 4 Porsche’s for a Pinto” and “Brooke Hogan looks like a man in drag.”

— Velvet Sky announced on Twitter that she and Chris Sabin are accepting independent bookings together. They are available for shows, autograph signings and conventions. Those interested can reach her on Twitter.

— SoCal Val, Daffney, Crystal Louthan and Leticia Cline are advertised to appear at Sign of the Times on Saturday, June 23 at Mother Kelly’s 490 Chestnut St. Cedarhurst, New York.

  • yofits

    brooke hogan IS a man in a drag.

  • CM Mark

    Daffney is awesome. She’s my kinda girl. So right on…

  • SYM

    Hulk WTF u doin man? First u stalk ur daughter in a swimming pool, and now u retweeting about goin ballsdeep in her? COME ON SON.

  • Will Henderson

    sadly, i think Hogan thought it was Brooke Tessmacher and not his daughter.

  • Chris

    I love Daffney but this type of action by her will only get her blacklisted from all main stream wrestling promotions.

    Brooke also drew the highest viewership of the whole show with 1.4 million viewers. Second was the the main event with 1.34 million viewers.

  • Chuva

    LOL! My buddy is the one that tweeted that! LOL! He’s so proud to be infamous. 😀

  • jared

    Go daffney. That’s funny and true. She has a nice body butt her face ruins it. Well it’s a saying around my neighborhood. She is a buttaface .everythingbut her face

  • scooter

    I thought velvet and sabin broke up
    heart = crushed!