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Possible Idea For MITB Match At WrestleMania, WWE Not Interested In Lashley

— WWE creative are contemplating holding a Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania in which all the participants are former world champions. The idea could include Jack Swagger, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, Christian and Kane, among others.

— Although Bobby Lashley is interested in resuming his professional wrestling career, WWE reportedly “wants no part of him right now.” WWE officials weren’t happy about how he left the company years ago after receiving a large push, not to mention that there are lingering issues with creative head Michael Hayes.

— Wrestling legend Jake Roberts was asked on Facebook if any wrestler ever refused to work with him due to fear of snakes.

He replied, “Some refused to have the snake put on them, but otherwise, not really. Roddy Piper wouldn’t come out around them at all…”

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Flash86

    @ WM28 i would love to see a Hardcore Style MITB falls count anywhere who ever has the Case @ the Final Bell of WM28 is Mr Money In The Bank!!!

  • akeem the african dream

    bring back Akeem and Slick!

  • whooper?

    Umm whooper,he clearly says bastard. You may want to check your ears

  • Stashathan

    Both Cena and Orton liked @kamala’s foot comment

  • JIR

    edit: Ziggler for the win @ MITB

  • JIR

    Ziggler or the win @ MITB

  • road dog

    it is fine the way it is if they havew a rvd cash in

  • Swanton Bob

    Don’t care who wins MITB, just please for god sake do something other than the winner cashing it in for a cheap win and title reign.

  • you need to give him some quality time

    Stoked to hear that Lashley aint wanted. He sucked anyway.

  • cheesehandler

    cody rhodes doesnt need to win mitb….period. hes doing fine on his own.

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  • Lord KGM

    Money in the bank with former champions? Retarded idea! The whole concept of this match was to take mid carder and calapult them to superstardom. Bad idea WWE

  • kamala’s foot

    orton or cena should win Money in the Bank.

  • Sean Mooney

    That could actually be a very good MITB ladder match, which can include Ziggler. I think Ziggler should win it, while Cody can maybe defend the IC title against Goldust. Not sure where that leaves Barrett though, perhaps he could be work a Triple Threat match with Sheamus and Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title?

  • chronoxiong

    I think a MitB match with former Champions would be……boring. Please WWE, just no….

  • venom

    This match is the way for Barrett, Ziggler, or Rhodes to break out in the mainevent. I wouldn’t mind them doing this if there was two MITB matches at it’s own ppv.

  • Dan

    Ziggler would win it, they’d play up how he actually had a brief title run after Vickie gave him the title just for Edge to win it back.

  • d

    if they do that i’d say let christian or kane win
    heals with the briefcase are usually fun and imagine if kane is still as twisted as he is right now stalking the champions would be interesting
    or christian would get his 1 more match

  • Whooper

    Good we don’t need another huge guy who can’t give a promo.
    “You say your name is Finlay and you love to fight? I say your name is Finlay and you’re a Bathturd!”
    Don’t know what i’m talking about?, look it up on YouTube

  • WeAreOne

    Maybe Christian can actually win

  • LSC

    Did I see Orton planned to be in the MITB match too?

    2012 MITB Winner: Randy “The talent burial” Orton!!!!!!!!

  • little jimmy

    so talent like cody rhodes wont be in mitb when they deserve a push?

  • Devil_Rising

    That is a damn terrible idea.

  • Bill

    Well, looks like WWE wants to shit on the MITB match that gave new superstars opportunities & have Randy Orton win it instead.

  • joe

    I think it would be better if the mitb match was all superstars that have never held a world title

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Plus think about it, with a bunch of former champs and “big names” it can make this MITB ladder match unpredicable

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    DAMN! I actually like that MITB idea! It would be very intersting