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Idol Finalist Speaks Out About John Cena, WWE Execs Dispose of Stocks, More

– MTV News has a new article up on American Idol finalist James Durbin, who uses The Miz’s catchphrase and sides with The Rock in the war with John Cena. Here’s their video:

– Devin sent the following: The WWE event in Reno, Nevada on August 5th, 2011 has been canceled. Refunds are available at the point of purchase.

– WWE producer Kevin Dunn recently disposed of 31,200 shares of stock for around $427,000. Dunn still owns about $2.11 million in WWE stock. WWE Studios’ Michael Pavone disposed of 7,800 shares for around $107,000 and now has $265,000 worth of stock. Talent executive John Laurinaitis disposed of 13,650 shares for around $187,000 and still has $863,000 in WWE stock.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • mj

    WWEUniverse Wants More @ZackRyder On Monday Night Raw

  • Zach V

    @ the Rock, I watch Idol and he’s rlly good and that’s awesome hes a wrestling fan, but for u to say for him to lay off the crack, hes got turrettes and a form of autism man

  • RAMSES 2


  • mj

    Everyone wants to talk bad about The Rock going back to hollywood Guess what! he’s an actor NOW! Look at John Cena calling him a sell out but How many movies has he been in? The marine, 12 rounds, legendary, And now blood brothers! So whos preparing to go to hollywood?

  • Worm72_99

    He has Tourette’s and Autism. I officially really like this guy and want to break my girlfriend’s heart. She always gets into one of the guys on Idol each year, and she absolutely despises wrestling calling it “faggoty”. Not only is he a wrestling fan, but he’s a wrestling nerd. Oh yes it’s true.

  • Callum

    of course the rock will go back to film he’s retied what else can he do

  • Mickey Doodle

    The reason for his “twitching” andn faces is because he has tourettes. If you actually watch American Idol then you would know.

    And for the guy saying he needs to lay off the crack, you’re a fucking idiot.

  • bloodstone

    what the hell is that guy problem he kept making crazy faces look like a twit

  • Dan

    @ The Rock. He’s not on crack, he has a mild form of tourettes. I don’t really watch idol like that, but this kid seems to be pretty cool. Nice story.

  • Tom

    People people people, don’t get crazy for the Rock. As soon as the Raw after Wrestlemania is over he will be back in Hollywood and go against his supposed “word” of never ever going away. They will probably find some clever way to write him off.

  • Valo487

    WWE execs are selling off their stocks? If they don’t want them, why on Earth would anyone else want them?

  • The Rock

    That boy need to lay off the crack. Did you see his crack twitches ?

    But aside from that THE ROCK IS BACK

  • kyle

    who is this guy

  • Damian

    James is more like Daughtry though not the exact same. I don’t typically watch Idol but he makes it worth watching.

  • Blaine

    Don’t really watch a lot of American Idol, but this guy just earned my vote.