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Recent Incident With WWE Star and Vince Leads to Changes

– As we have noted, Vince McMahon was upset at last night’s RAW and told the writers that he needs results now or he needs resignations. The scene was described as frightening in terms of Vince’s tone and demeanor. Besides pressure from NBC Universal to fix the ratings, it’s said that last week’s 2.5 rating was a big slap in the face to Vince after a number of top talents voiced their concern to him.

A number of top talents have reportedly gone to Vince in recent weeks to complain about how the writing is bad and change is needed. At last week’s RAW, Vince was in a bad mood after having a back-and-forth with one of the top talents in front of other people.

We have not been able to confirm who the top talent was but they basically told Vince in front of other people that the WWE writing sucks, that Vince is doing whatever he wants and that WWE is going off a cliff without anything being done about it. The talent then told Vince that he needs to listen to everyone else because he doesn’t have his finger on WWE’s pulse anymore, basically telling Vince that he’s out of touch. The talent told Vince that when WWE goes to “hell in a handbasket” then it will be all Vince’s fault.

Apparently several other people got through to Vince during the week and these factors played a big part in the changes made at RAW last night. As noted, expect to hear about more changes in the next few weeks.

Source: PWInsider

  • eric

    I was watching some old wwf, wcw, ecw ppv vhs tapes from 90’s Why was pro wrestling better back in 90’s than atm? Because i am going say it. The talent was alot better. in wwf u had hbk shawn micheals, stonecold, the rock, mick foley, dx, alot talent tag teams who debut together. ecw u had great talent tommy dreamer, raven, shane dogulas, chris candio, elimators, dudleys pitbulls. The superstars/wrestlers had alot more passion. didn’t go through motions. from main eventers, mid carders to tag teams. In wwf, ecw wcw. these young guys are not entertaining as talent was in 90’s The young guys just have hard time connecting to crowds. I am not hating on these young kids coming from fcw. During monday night war between wcw and wwf. u had alot guys with alot more exiperence in ring. than these kids from fcw. jericho lance storm train in stu hart dugeon. The tag team divison was alot better in wwe, ecw wcw. alot of teams debut on promotion. were legit teams. not just 2 single guys thrown together. headbangers, lod, demoltion, rockers, too cool were all legit teams. Ecw pitbulls, elimators, dudleys, were legit teams in ecw. Tag team wrestling is not as great as it was in 90’s I just wish wwe was alot better of show. or had kids who had passion for business. Shawn micheals was right last yr interview. which u can listen on youtube. He said young guys lack passion. He is right!

  • sam mccourt

    i swear you find so much of this ‘news’ on PWinsider that we may as well go there for news

  • donners

    it’s probably not cena, as he’s got everything he wants right now and the cena-show doesn’t really change; stupid promo, superman-style win etc. i doubt changing anything would affect him greatly.

    hhh is unlikely too. it seems like the little changes hhh has made are for the better – tag teams being given more spotlight springs to mind, although he probably could be one of a few that could say that stuff to vince without consequences.

    kane’s in one of the best storylines he’s been in for a while. like it or not, he’s on tv, his popularity’s higher than it’s been for a good while, and he’s never gone on record as speaking out against the product. i doubt it’s him.

    punk is finally back in the main event spotlight, and he had an outstanding raw this week, i seriously don’t think he’d jeopardise his spot when he’s just cemented his spot as #1 heel.

    if taker wasn’t there, it wasn’t him.

    sheamus is in the main event because of who he’s friends with (hhh). he might disagree with some things, but speaking out at vince in front of others? doubt it.

    my money’s on orton; wants to turn heel but can’t, hasn’t had a big feud for a while since the suspension, he’s gone from nothing feud to nothing feud, is facing del rio at HIAC because they’ve got nothing better for him and he fits the description of a big-time star that isn’t afraid to say how he feels/throw a tantrum if things don’t go his way.

    can’t think of anyone else that could possibly have the stroke/guts to be able to say/do these things, so that’s my take on it….

  • Willie S

    One thing will fix this mess. GOLDBERG. GOLDBERG. GOLDBERG.

  • Max

    I think it wasn’t Punk that do all those talking, I think it was either Sheamus or Orton maybe even Big Show who knows. I totally agree with the fact that WWE is falling in to some deep shit that gonna take a long time to fix it up. It needs to be back to TV-14 or TV-MA to get higher ratings, maybe Linda McMahon should take that into considerations because I think it’s the only way that WWE can be back like the old days. The writers needs to be more “Vince Russo” on their writings. That’s what I think, I don’t know what you guys think about it. I would like to see some more comments about this article tho, I found it really interesting 🙂

  • Jerk Factor

    Whoever came up with the idea for the Seamus V Big Show ‘debate’ should be fired immediately.

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    I think that the WWE and VKM are just plain lying to themselfs, not only that I’m starting to ? C.M PUNKS motivations.

  • Tombstone

    Have to agree, I thought raw was pretty damn good last night. Not sure who would have had the balls to say those things to Vince(if anyone actually did) but I personally do not think it was Punk.

  • Sym shut the fuk up

    Raw was great last night so shut your damn mouth

  • luckysalt

    One things for sure, raw was horrific again last night

  • Shaun

    Jim Ross did say Hell In a Hand basket near the end of the Punk McMahon match.

  • The_electrifying_one

    If I remember what I’ve heard about wrestlers court correctly, and if its true.

    The head of the “court” is normally the longest most senior member of the locker room. No to my knowledge that would be Kane unless I am mistaken. As I have heard wrestlers used to go to the head of the court to voice their concerns. In this case I can see it being Kane who had a go at Vince but with the backing of a few superstars who have voiced their concerns.

  • The_electrifying_one

    If I remember what I’ve heard about wrestlers court correctly, and if its true.

    The head of the “court” is normally the longest most senior member of the locker room. No to my knowledge that would be Kane unless I am mistaken. As I have heard wrestlers used to go to the head of the court to voice their concerns. In this case I can see it being Kane who had a go at Vince but with the backing of a few superstars who have voiced their concerns.

  • SYM

    I think it was Razor Ramon. Or the Ultimate Warrior. Both of those guys have a mean streak.

  • the v

    First problem is the pg rating. Second problem is wwe need more character wrestlers like taker, ultimate warrior, umaga.. Wrestlers who have charisma and are brutal in the ring, with explosive matches, ryback is on the right track. Most of the wrestlers these days talk the same, look the same,and see all too generic. Wrestlers who dont need 20 minutes on a mic to make a statement but instead use their in ring presence to do so.

  • mtlhitman

    A few are unhappy j.t.g , ryder … And yes indeed it’s’easy to talk about pg era and rating it’s’hard to keep everyone happy investor and tv channel who host wwe , fans , wrestlers all want result so let’s’be patient and just support if fans are that much unhappy get a life stop hating or quit watching wwe.Why that much fan come here diss wwe days after days months after months ? If 6 months ago u diss it i wounder why u still watch it lol Quit watching it ! That it back in the days wrestling was so high in rating also by the fact their was barely no internet,no spoiler,drugs and pills was used with barely no test before a show wrestlers where all bigger stronger and hardcore and luchalibre was a need thing and was in a different era time change life go on.We can’t bring back 100% of the old wwf/wwe days would be an old recipe with older wrerstlers with same type of storyline.let’wait and see where those new change vince is making me last night raw was pretty damn good for a pg era ! Well it’s’only my opinion

  • evetorres_chin

    It’s the spirit of Chris Benoit

  • Jaime5150

    Who else could it be. The voice of the voiceless… none other then J.T.G!!!!!

  • Jeff

    Call me crazy but this seems like Kane to me. Kane was part of the attitude era and now he is in possibly the worst storyline in WWE at the moment.

  • Hunter

    @jerky. Firstly I don’t think this even happened. But I do think the article was written by someone who had CM Punk in mind as the wordings are to his style. It’s far too scripted.

  • D2K

    I have to say that ‘parts’ of last night’s RAW had me quite entertained. Hopefully things will change for the better. They can’t much worse. Can they?

  • Men on a Mission

    one more thing… so the way for Vince to fix ratings is to put himself in the main event? I wonder if it worked…

  • a man named gillberg

    Vince has a lot of investors to please. When it comes to t.v air time & his wifes political ambishitions. .. not deffending what’s happening in w.w.e…. but it must be tough protecting a billion $ company

  • Men on a Mission

    So Punk basically repeated all of these things on TV last night. Was Punk quoting himself in a reality-based storyline, or was he quoting someone else? If it wasn’t Punk who actuall said those things, then my guess is Cena. I can’t see Triple H saying those things.

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    @Ricardo I agree. I get the impression Punk’s not so much a rebel as he is a petulant teenager.

  • Ricardo

    When did Punk say those things? Point me to the exact articles. You can’t, because they don’t exist. Punk rebel fame is greatly exaggerated.

  • LighTsouT

    Pretty sure WWE started going to hell when they switched to this PG bull they have going on now-a-days.

  • monty

    Frightening? The boss yelling at his employees. Welcome to the real world ‘writers’.

  • Lord Barvis

    If it was Triple H, it’s ironic that the article kept referring to the person as “talent”

  • Little Jimmy

    It Was Hornswoggle.

  • The Killswitch

    I think Hunter was talking about Punk, because he used a lot of those phrases in the past.

  • Jerky

    Oh we can Hunter? Please, tell me who?

  • Hunter

    Well I think we can all assume who said that. Whether its true or not, who knows?