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Internal Reaction to WWE’s New NXT Tapings, Lita Spotted, John Cena

– Nickelodeon’s Fred 3 with John Cena returning as Fred Figglehorn’s imaginary father will air on Saturday, July 28th at 8pm EST.

– Add former WWE Diva Lauren Mayhew to the list of wrestling personalities at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Fans also reported seeing former WWE Diva Lita, who was in town with WWE Champion CM Punk.

– WWE officials are reportedly very happy with the NXT tapings at Full Sail University so far. The feeling is that they have something really special going. One WWE employee who attended the last tapings was very impressed with the way everything ran.

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  • Jon-Jon

    Lita was AJ’s favorite diva growing up. A match between the two wouldn’t exactly be a “dream match,” but it would be interesting to see. The promos would be epic. Working a Trish/Mickie type angle would be ideal.

  • Loser

    How is AJ vs Lita a dream match? AJ probably couldn’t keep up with Lita, AJ doesn’t do much wrestling these days anyway…

  • yofits

    AJ Lee’s vagina vs my Penis, match made in heaven at Wrestlemania = buyrates!

  • john

    wish cena would take his PG loving ass and stay on Nickelodeon with his 9 year old fans! never come back to WWE… so then WWE can resume what they once were and we all loved!

  • SYM

    AJ Lee vs Lita Dream Match