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Is Chris Jericho destined to appear at Impact Wrestling?

Chris Jericho

Things have been changing rapidly ever since Chris Jericho made his NJPW appearance and him making appearances for other companies doesn’t look like a far-fetched possibility anymore.

It wasn’t long ago when he teased an appearance on Impact Wrestling and now a new report from Wrestling Observer makes it seem like Jericho’s Impact debut may be in works.

In the latest edition of his Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote the following about Chris’s future with the company formerly known as TNA:

“While nobody will say anything, there is a lot of belief within the business than Jericho is destined to be here (Impact Wrestling) and the not wanting to do anything that would get Vince mad doctrine isn’t nearly as strong as it was months ago.”

Considering this and the fact that Chris Jericho helped in the hiring of a key Impact official, it looks like Chris making his Impact debut is only a matter of time.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Given WWE’s recent working relationship with Impact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jericho does end up doing a match for them. That being said, Jericho has also said that he’ll only ever work for Vince in North America, so who knows?

  • Mike the Ike

    I can just hear Mike Tenay now: Oh my gosh, Kristoph Jerusalem in the Impact Zone!

  • Charlie Bronson

    Lol You’re right I’m sorry 😉

  • Rajah

    But isn’t everything said by Meltzer treated as gospel?

  • Charlie Bronson

    That is a huge stretch to say he is going to work for Impact Wrestling. Could a guy just help his friend get a job and not actually work there too? Lazy writing, come up with crazy theories on your own, instead of just stealing Meltzer’s crazy ideas.