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JBL Rips Into WWE Referees, Will AJ Lee Be Taken Off TV?, More

– There was a moment before last night’s SmackDown tapings in Providence, Rhode Island where JBL had the crowd chanting his name. The referees were changing over the ropes for SmackDown when JBL began ripping into them for taking too long. Below is video:

– As noted before, WWE recently signed fitness model Alisha Ceraso to a developmental deal. She has been training at developmental and can be found on Twitter at @therealDaniWWE.

– AJ Lee is scheduled to appear on RAW over the next few weeks at least. Internally there is no talk of removing her from TV, despite the General Manager storyline where she has resigned.

  • Albert

    The video is not available in your country?


  • Sam Peters

    And this is why we need JBL!!! been great having him around and i hope he sticks around once he has done his climbs……a shock would be if it turns out he becomes GM but hires an assistant that will “deliver” his matches when he aint around due to the mountain climbs

  • Pig

    Given the chance you would do her too!

    I know I would!

  • Lew

    I’m not surprise wasn’t he f****** Mickie James when she was engaged to ken doane

  • Buttercastle

    @False Idol Have you not watched WWE in the last like 5 years? Cena isn’t one to get anyone into trouble for no reason. The guy is on top of the world he has no need to screw over other talent. Plus it’s just not his (real life) character.

  • False Idol

    I know it’s a storyline but I can’t help feel there’s some truth in this whole screwing a superstar thing with AJ. I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s Cena either.

  • Whitewing

    A good way to keep the fans who attended entertained. Kudo’s to JBL for realising it and doing something about it.

  • Was waiting for the clothesline from hell…